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Come join us for Relay Iowa, the ultimate adventure relay run! You and your team of up to twelve people will run for 3 days and 2 nights, covering 339 miles across some of the most beautiful and challenging landscape Iowa has to offer. The route takes you from Sioux City on Friday morning all the way to Dubuque by Sunday afternoon.

This event is unique in many ways. First of all, it is not a race, but a relay run. The final goal is not to win, not to come in first, but instead it is for your team to work together to make it across Iowa in sixty hours or less. In addition, it is the nation’s only relay offering an opportunity to run straight through 3 days and 2 overnights.

Relay Iowa is remarkable because each team is its own running unit with its own unique plan for success; running order and individual distances are not dictated by us, but are up to you. We’re here to offer advice and support, but in the end it’s your call. If you want to try it with a 4-person team, feel free; Eight people? No problem. Just no more than 12 people per team allowed. We will time you, but there is no prize for first place. Checkpoints and Pit Stops are used to monitor your team pace and help you stay on track to finish strong your way.

Each team receives a GPS monitor that will track its location as it crosses the state. Friends and family will enjoy following your progress, and you will be able to see your location in relation to other teams. But the rewards are in the journey; you will be a part of an experience that cannot be accomplished alone. You will need your fellow runners and they will need you. You will make friendships that can last a lifetime and memories you will share over and over again.

Are you and your team up for the challenge? Do you want to remember why you love to run? Do you want to overcome some of the hilliest country in Iowa? Our route includes 28,000 ft. of total altitude change as well as the challenges that come with running on gravel, up and down large hills, in heat, rain or cold, in the dark and near traffic. Registered runners will be fed three times and will receive a t-shirt, window sticker, and team picture as part of registration. The rest of the logistics are up to you and your team.

Proceeds benefit Restoring Hope International. Run by two Iowa couples, this home in Welkom, South Africa, provides care and shelter to South African orphans. You can learn more at Relay Iowa also supports local charities in many of the Iowa towns along the route. As Relay Iowa grows, our ability to help others grows as well.

This event is difficult, long, demanding and extraordinary. You will LOVE it! Come see Iowa, one stride at a time. Get your team together today.


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