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  • Work Your Butt And Legs: 29 Squat Variations

    Work Your Butt And Legs: 29 Squat Variations

    The squat is one of the most classic exercises to work your butt and legs, and for good reason. When performing squats, you’re working the greatest number of joints and muscle groups while also enhancing core stabilization. This means that in one single move, you’re simultaneously strengthening the glutes, quads, and calves, as well as the […] More

  • Intermittent Fasting: Weight-Loss Plateau


    Intermittent Fasting: Weight-Loss Plateau

    Intermittent fasting is a dietary approach that’s definitely gaining a great deal of popularity all around the world for the numerous benefits it provides – increased weight and fat loss, better health, and even a link with longevity. One of the most important factors behind the effectiveness and success of this approach is its ability […] More

  • fit woman

    6 Exercises For Core Strength & Stability

    Get ready to sweat while your core trembles! Improve your metabolism and build core strength and stability with these 6 exercises combining HIIT and total-body workout. This routine will get your heart pumping while increasing stability in your abs, back and glutes. There will be no time for gym selfies—so get ready to work hard if you want […] More

  • Stronger Bones: Exercises And Nutrition Tips

    Stronger Bones: Exercises And Nutrition Tips

    Nutrition strategies and exercise are often connected to building a leaner, more athletic-looking body. But there are also numerous health benefits of practicing regular exercise and nutritional habits such as bone health. In this article, we’ll look at what the research tells us on nutrition, supplementation and exercise for building and maintaining healthy and strong bones. […] More

  • Split or Full-Body Training for Lean Muscle?

    Do you know what is better for building lean muscle: split routines or full-body training? In the beginning, in the early days of bodybuilding, athletes routinely trained using full-body routines. The idea was that regular stimulation of muscles throughout the week was the best strategy to increase lean muscle without overtraining. However, by the 1960s, training philosophies started to […] More

  • Morning Exercise For Back Muscles

    We all know people who think that the challenges of everyday life are enough to keep their backs pain-free. Sadly those people will start appreciating the value of a preventative exercise strategy after a shearing back injury. Perform this morning exercise for back muscles as well as your gluteal and hamstring muscles regularly and you’ll […] More

  • Take Care of Your Posture And Spine Health

    You should be aware of your posture at all times as good posture is crucial for maintaining spine health. Let’s take a look at the tightness and imbalances that commonly occur in people. Good posture is particularly important for athletes performing weight training, especially when they deadlift and perform bent over rows. And then after […] More

  • 8 Tips To Improve Your Gym Time

    8 Tips To Improve Your Gym Time

    Nowadays, life is hectic and we often have to try hard to find time for regular training. But when you’re at the gym it’s quite easy to get caught up in things that distract you, waste your time and detract from the effectiveness and intensity of your workout. Here are 8 tips that will help you leave the gym […] More

  • Workout Plateau? Try These 6 Things

    Workout Plateau? Try These 5 Things

    You’re spending hours in the gym several times a week but lately you have the feeling that your fitness progress have stalled. If you think you’ve hit a workout plateau, try these five things. 1 PROPER DIET: When your progress stops, we advise you to first take a look at your diet. Reconsider and evaluate your nutritional plan. Are […] More

  • regular training to failure over the long term does have a potential downside. Namely, it increases the risk of overtraining and psychological burnout.

    Is It Necessary to Train Muscle to Failure?

    When it comes to resistance training, the majority of hardcore lifters believe that you need to train muscle to failure, to achieve most. If don’t go to failure (or beyond) on each set, you aren’t doing your best. This is what they think. The purported benefits of all-out training aren’t relegated to gym rats; similar […] More

  • sports bra

    Sports Bra, choosing the right one

    Wearing sports bra of the right type is crucial for comfortable and confident running. Here are some guidelines and tips for what to look for and how to choose a bra that will fit you perfectly. Most people who decide to start running regularly think that the first thing they should buy is a pair of running shoes […] More

  • woman in cold bath

    New Way to Lose Fat: Freeze It Off

    We all know that if you want to lose fat, you have to sweat it off. But what many people don’t know is that it may be easier to just freeze it off! Spring weather is approaching, so it’s about time to get your beach abs on. Take a cold shower or swim in a […] More

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