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    6 Weightlifting tips for living strong

    Weightlifting for strenght, yes it’s hard as it sounds, but we are here to help you to get started with a couple of pointers and benefit point outs. 1. Having expectations Weightlifting for strenght became very popular in fitness community. Most of enthusiasts are men but a lot of women also started taking interest in […] More

  • 4 Rules for Winter Cycling

    4 Rules for Winter Cycling

    Here are four tried and tested rules for more effective winter cycling. 1 DON’T STICK TO INDOOR RIDING The world of cycling has begun to lose a number of good cyclists down the black hole of virtual reality training. Although indoor riding is warmer, easier and more convenient, don’t forget on outdoor cycling. Riding outside improves your health, your skills and your fitness. […] More

  • The Ultimate Post-Race Recovery

    The Ultimate Post-Race Recovery

    The run-free days after a hard running race or marathon can be torture, but resting for proper post-race recovery is vital to your long-term fitness. Here are some tips to recover properly after a demanding run. Your training schedule shouldn’t end when you cross the finishing line. In the days and weeks after the marathon, […] More

  • Cycling Destination: Lake Garda, Italy

    Cycling Destination: Lake Garda, Italy

    Lake Garda in northern Italy offers a wide range of cycling routes, from flat lakeside cycle-paths to extremely demanding high mountain passes. [box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] From 6th to 8th May Lake Garda organizes a cycling event Colnago Cycling Festival 2016 offering three different cycling challenges: a 77km ride with 940m of ascent, a 110km […] More

  • Scientifically-Based Nutritional Strategy for Better Results

    Scientifically-Based Nutritional Strategy for Better Results

    If you follow a scientific nutritional strategy, this can reduce your marathon result for almost 11 minutes. Sport scientists from Denmark suggest that scientifically calculating your race-day nutritional and hydration requirements could cut a very valuable 10 minutes and 55 seconds from your marathon time. Their research in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism […] More

  • Top Back Workouts

    Top Back Workouts

    Your back is difficult to see and evaluate unless you line up several mirrors and get the right angles for this evaluation. In contrast, your back is very visible to everybody around you, so even though a soft and shapeless back can be most easily handled by choosing wardrobe pieces that drape the shoulders and middle back […] More

  • Determining Your Resting Heart Rate

    Determining Your Resting Heart Rate

    Your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is a measure of how many times your heart beats per minute when you are resting, and is therefore a good approach to checking your approximate level of cardio fitness at any time. How do I measure my heart rate? Hold one hand with your palm facing upward and place the index and […] More

  • Marathon Running Is No Walk in the Park

    Marathon Running Is No Walk in the Park

    If you thought you could run 26.2 miles with no training, think again. If you really want to do this, you need to prepare your body for the rigours of a marathon. Marathon running isn’t a walk in the park. The training formula might not be as simplistic as saying the more you do, the easier […] More

  • Is Using a Lifting Belt Or Straps Cheating?

    Is Using a Lifting Belt Or Straps Cheating?

    Don’t use a belt until you really need it—when you’re working with weights so heavy they allow you only five repetitions or fewer. Counting on a belt every workout won’t let your core to strengthen optimally, and that will slow your overall gains. Using straps has the same effect on grip strength and won’t allow you to get the massive, meaty forearms you probably […] More

  • bulgarian-split-squat-01

    Split Squats vs Back Squats

    One has to admit that the classic back squats are tough to beat as an overall muscle and strength builder. It targets the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back but also requires work from the core, upper back, and shoulders to stabilize the bar. Because back squat is designed to let you lift heavy loads, it encourages bone growth and the release of […] More

  • Are You Up to an Obstacle Race?

    Are You Up to an Obstacle Race?

    Extreme obstacle races are known for being gruelling, cold, wet and dirty, so before making this journey, you need to ask yourself three key questions. 1 Is your goal to compete or complete? If your goal is competing, you’ll have to do a lot of training to get yourself in the best possible shape to nail a good time. If […] More

  • How to Buy Right Running Clothing

    What to wear running in any weather

    Before you start a training programme It’s essential to ask yourself what to wear running and purchase the right running clothing so that you don’t feel uncomfortable once you start to rack up the mileage – particularly in your marathon training. The beauty of running is that it doesn’t matter what distance you’re attempting, it’s the least complicated sport you can get. We […] More

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