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Control your body types

Talking about body types, we the people, we come in all shape and sizes. Genetic heritage is handed down to us by our mother and father. Various civilisations shaped its own views on how should a grown individual look like (same goes for males and females) and considering all the world conflicts we can add another in line. There is no ideal body shape, speaking about esthetics, it all comes down to personal taste. As adults we can alter our body weight and train to get muscle. Some people are struggling to stay lean, some struggle to get muscle and some may even struggle to gain some weight. There are three broad categories we will talk about in this article: mesomorph (muscular people), endomorph (big people), ectomorph (lean people). By the end of it you will determine what best describes your body type and how you have to train to be effective with your workout and where we have to be cautious to see results faster.


Being a bigger person, you should consider lifting heavy weights over cardio. If you are training hard but your weight stays pretty much the same, you are probably an endomorph characterised as a person with large bones wider in waist with higher ammount of fat.

So how did endomorphs develop?

Through human evolution natural selection was kinder to those who could store fat. Today food is not scarce anymore, although there are pretty alarming levels of hunger present in some parts of the world. If you are blessed with food everyday be thankful for it and also watch your intake. Multiple studies were made to prove the people genetically predisposed to store fat, stored three times more fat in certain period of time than others. Don’t fret if you can’t loose weight, just train smarter and you will reach your goal.

What I’m doing wrong ?

If you are an endomorph you should switch your long and slow paced cardio exercises with faster paced interval workout to get rid of fat. Explosive sprinting, pushing weights, jumping over obstacles. As we said training smart is key, doing only sit-ups won’t reveal your sixpack because you need to loose fat across your whole body.

What should I do?

Build muscle and condition your body to loose fat. Having a good workout plan can save you a lot of time and you will see results quicker.
On Monday you can train you upper body gain muscles,
Tuesday can be reserved for sprinting,
wednesday time-off,
Thursday lower body gain muscles,
Friday upper body gain muscles, with more reps with lower weights.

Take a good care how much you eat

As a endomorph you have to mind your food intake a lot. The culprit are carbs, as they can spike your levels of insulin (the fat storing hormone). Don’t cut off carbs completely, you need energy to build muscle. Eat vegetables and get your carbs this way. Drinking alcohol should also be avoided if you want to loose weight.

Is that it?

Stress hormone cortisol is present in fatty areas of abdomen in higher levels. We can lessen it’s effects by sleeping more and not overtrain. We have to mind our blood sugar and avoid all drinks full of carbs and sugar (also sports drinks which fall in this category) to prevent our body to store fat.

How to win?

As an endomorph you have to exercise with your whole body. Chin-ups are a great exercise for instance. You should focus on your upper body, widen those shoulders with pull-ups and shoulder presses. Considering endomorphs have a broader waist, by training upper part of your body you will bring it to proportion.


Being a mesomorph, luck is on your side, genetics proved their point, you don’t even have to go to a GYM. But if you are still enthusiastic about it, if you train well you can achieve great goals.

What you’re doing wrong

You still have to train hard (with intensity) although you are a Mesomorph (sprint, jump, do it explosively with low reps). Time your workout so you have a goal. Introducing intervals to your sprinting will do wonders to your metabolism and fat will cease to exist. You should eat healthy, but don’t worry you can eat moderate ammounts of carbs, eat lots of protein. Your explosive workouts will help you combat muscle soreness on your rest days. Have an easy jog to keep prepared for your next big workout.

Seize that potential

You should combine strength moves with power moves to train exact same muscles (good example is clean with deadlift).


For an ectomorph building muscle is a nightmare, it’s hard but not impossible.

You are lean, more of a marathon runner than a bodybuilder although you train hard?

What’s up?

Some people don’t respond well to training for strenght, since their gene for muscle growth (myogenin) is not moving anywhere. Considering this we should give some attention to different training methods (intensity, volume or frequency) for better results.

What you’re doing wrong

If you are lean, don’t go leaner. Your training should consist of squat, deadlift and bench press, target major muscle groups (Do three sets with 10 reps). These exercises are more intense and will spike hormones which help you build muscle. If you train hard five days a week, you are overtraining, by boosting your metabolism too much and not letting your body bulk on muscle.
Keep your training to three days a week, and keep it short (shouldn’t be longer than 45 min).

What to eat?

You need some carbs in your life. By eating right you will rise you blood sugar levels to deliver protein to your muscles. Watch out for too much protein (consume 2g per kilo of bodyweight) can speed up your metabolism thus make it harder for you to grow muscles. Eating and training smart for an ectomorph is key to achieve success. So use your supplements before, during and after the workout, and have a proper meal too.

How to win?

Do deadlifts to get mass and squats for great physique.

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Written by Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis has been a keen runner since early years and took part in several 5k, 10k, half-marathons and marathons. He met his wife six years ago during a 10k race and they still like to go for a good run together.


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