Cycling Sharpens Body’s Reflexes

Cycling Sharpens Body Reflexes

One of the less obvious plus points of riding a bike is its positive impact on our reflexes.

The participants who’d been riding a bike recorded much sharper reflexes than the couch potatoes.

Researchers randomly assigned 29 adults to an exercise or no-exercise group in a trial reported in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Before the trial all the participants were tested for auditory and visual choice reaction times, and auditory and visual complex choice reaction times. In other words, they tested their reflexes.

Those in the exercise group then did a 30-minute biking exercise, those in the control group did nothing for 30 minutes, and all underwent a second round of testing. Those who’d been riding recorded much sharper reactions than the couch potatoes.

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Written by Jenny Nickelson

Jenny Nickelson has been a sports enthusiast since childhood. Because of her deep love to water, she started training swimming in early years. Today she swears on variety and does it all: from swimming, running and cycling to fitness, skiing, dancing and mountaineering.


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