Do You Need More Sodium?

You may have already seen packets of salt handed out at races. Have you ever used them in your training. How do you know if you need extra sodium?

The majority of Americans consume more than enough salt in their diet just with the foods they eat. However, with runners, it’s a little different than with the average person.

You may be experiencing a salt deficit if your shirt is soaked with sweat when you finish your running session or you have white, salty residue on your skin. Refueling with a sports drink, rather than a salt packet, is a good idea, because doing so, you will replenish your body with the liquid it needs as well as restore your sodium levels. For long-distance runners, such as marathoners or ultrarunners, however, salt packets may be useful because the body is being stressed for several hours before there’s a chance to stop, refuel and recover. However, it’s still best to test out taking salt in a training session before you try it on race day.

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Written by Jenny Nickelson

Jenny Nickelson has been a sports enthusiast since childhood. Because of her deep love to water, she started training swimming in early years. Today she swears on variety and does it all: from swimming, running and cycling to fitness, skiing, dancing and mountaineering.


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