High-Intensity Appetite Killer

High-Intensity Appetite Killer

If you’re training to drop pounds, completing a high-intensity workout should significantly reduce your post-exercise appetite, according to a new study.

The study from Queensland University of Technology in Australia compared the effects of moderate and high-intensity training on overweight men and found dramatic appetite differences after four weeks of 30 to 45-minute workouts.

Both hunger and a desire to eat decreased after the high-intensity training (alternating 30-second bursts on an exercise bike at 90%VO2 max, with 30-second rests between), but increased after the moderate workout (5 minutes of cycling at 45% of VO2  max, with 30 second rests between).

As a result, when the  two groups were presented with a limitless buffet, the fat intake of the high-intensity trainers was reduced by 16%, but increased by 38% among the moderate-intensity trainers.

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