Proper Fuel for Skinny People Building Muscle

Proper Fuel for Skinny People Building Muscle

What should you be eating if you have always been skinny and you are trying to put on some weight by building muscle?

If you’re skinny with both low muscle mass and low body fat, you should start by ensuring you’re taking in enough calories to allow for an increase in overall mass—otherwise you’ll just become a more toned but still skinny person.

Since you should be trying to gain weight by building muscle mass, rather than putting on fat, you should make up your calories with plenty of cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, dark, colourful fruits and vegetables, adequate carbohydrates in the form of sweet potato, oats, quinoa, and similar low-GI carbs, and lots of protein.

Besides, you should consider adding in a good pre- and post-workout supplement to your diet—fuelling your muscles with the right substances after workout is crucial for getting the best results out of your body.

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Written by Jenny Nickelson

Jenny Nickelson has been a sports enthusiast since childhood. Because of her deep love to water, she started training swimming in early years. Today she swears on variety and does it all: from swimming, running and cycling to fitness, skiing, dancing and mountaineering.


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