Training the Mind For Sport

Everyone who has ever competed at a high level of sport knows that controlling the mind is often the difference between winning and losing.

At high levels, everyone is physically gifted and skilled, so the winner is often decided by whoever has the strongest mind. For more than hundred years, experts have known that central nervous system fatigue can limit performance.

A new area of neuroscience is helping people harness brainpower to concentrate better, control emotions, and tolerate fatigue and pain. A device called the Focus is a commercially available brain stimulation device designed to condition the brain for sport. As usual, entrepreneurs have produced devices that are not quite ready for prime time, but the science is promising.

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Written by Jenny Nickelson

Jenny Nickelson has been a sports enthusiast since childhood. Because of her deep love to water, she started training swimming in early years. Today she swears on variety and does it all: from swimming, running and cycling to fitness, skiing, dancing and mountaineering.


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