8 Rules to Lose Weight Fast

8 Rules to Lose Weight Fast

Did you know that dropping pounds could be as easy as rearranging your fridge? Here are eight top rules that will help you to lose weight fast.

Do you sometimes have no control over whether you finish a bag of crisps or not, or you can’t understand why you ate a second helping of pudding last night? Your surroundings may be to blame. That’s right – it might not all be down to your willpower (or lack of it), after all. Many of us are mindless eaters, but the solution isn’t mindful eating – our lives are often too crazy and our willpower too wimpy. Instead, the solution is to change small things in our homes so we mindlessly eat less and better, instead of more.

RULE 1: Expose the good, hide the bad

Keep foods you want to eat more of, such as fruit and vegetables, in full view. Studies show that when we do this, we eat three times more of it. For similar reasons, you should hide temptations, such as biscuits and chocolate, putting them well inside cupboards so you really have to take some time to find them. It’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. Studies show that people who have unhealthy food out on display in the kitchen have more pounds than those who stash it away.

RULE 2: Don’t make the kitchen too comfortable

Anything that encourages you to spend more time in the kitchen than necessary – from TVs to cosy seating – can lead to weight gain. Keep it minimal!

smaller plate

RULE 3: Serve in small plates

Usually we automatically fill plates – bad news if you’re serving from 12-inch ones. Placing food on a smaller plate tricks your brain into thinking you’re having a bigger meal.

RULE 4: Serve up food in the kitchen

Always avoid placing big platters on the table for people to serve themselves. Keeping bowls of food out of sight in the kitchen means it isn’t as easy to refill your plate. In a study, when food was served away from the table, people ate, on average, 20% less.

spaghetti on blue plate

RULE 5: Stock up on multicoloured crockery

If your plate or bowl is a similar color to your food, you’ll serve yourself up to 18% more, simply because the food doesn’t show up as well. So try putting your food on a contrasting colored plate, for example pasta on a dark blue plate, and steak and chips on a white one.

RULE 6: Rearrange your fridge shelves

Place healthy food, such as salad and yoghurt, on shelves that are at eye level. Seeing it when you open the door will prompt you to reach for it. And if you’re planning to purchase a new fridge-freezer, choose one with the freezer on the bottom, so it isn’t too easy to grab a ready meal to microwave.

eating in kitchen

RULE 7: Think clean, tidy and quiet

A recent study showed that eating surrounded by clutter can be a distraction that triggers you to eat more. Aim to have your meals in a calm, quiet and tidy environment. And, yes, this means switching the TV off, too. Chowing down while you’re focusing on something else makes you more likely to have snacks later, because your brain hasn’t recorded what you’ve eaten.

RULE 8: Choose dainty glasses

Research shows that people pour 12% less wine into tall, narrow glasses compared with shorter, wider ones – because it seems there’s more in the glass. Also, put the glass on the table before you pour your drink, rather than holding it; doing so, you’ll give yourself 12% less because a glass looks fuller from above.

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Written by Camille Bennett

Camille Bennett is our nutrition expert interested in fitness diet and doesn’t run out of delicious ideas for healthy and nutritional meals.


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