8 Tips To Improve Your Gym Time

8 Tips To Improve Your Gym Time

Nowadays, life is hectic and we often have to try hard to find time for regular training. But when you’re at the gym it’s quite easy to get caught up in things that distract you, waste your time and detract from the effectiveness and intensity of your workout. Here are 8 tips that will help you leave the gym feeling like you gave it your all and you’ll soon begin to reap the rewards of your more focused and efficient gym time.  


1. Avoid peak gym times and make a workout plan in advance

Play your visits to the gym during off-peak hours to avoid the queues for equipment that are an inevitable part of peak gym times. Also try switching your training times, because midday sessions have been found to increase workplace productivity. Moreover, many people choose to use Sunday as their rest day, so this is the perfect time to get in a big session because the gym is often empty. Rather take Monday off because this is usually the busiest day of the week for most gyms.

Also, make a plan before you walk into the gym, and follow the plan precisely. Don’t waste time thinking about exercise selection or set and rep structures. Follow your program and move swiftly from one workout to the next without hesitation. Walking from one machine to another aimlessly or wandering over to the dumbbell rack to check what weights are available before deciding what you’re going to do are serious time wasters.

2. Don’t take your phone with you

Leave your phone in your car or locker. Phone is usually our biggest distraction, not only the gym. You won’t miss much by spending an hour away from calls, messaging and social media, and in this way you’ll significantly boost your time efficiency in the gym. If you listen to music on your phone, place it in airplane mode before you enter the gym.

renegade row
Combine workouts in a way that best meets your goals, and save some time too.

3. Take a water bottle with you

Those leisurely strolls to the water fountain might seem like the perfect break between sets but they usually take longer than you think, and they often provide distractions along the way. So take a water bottle with you to the gym and fill it up before you start your training. In this way, you can also keep track of how much water you drink during your session, ensuring you don’t over-hydrate.

4. Listen to music that motivates you

Earphones and your favorite pump-up songs are a great way to keep you motivated during your training. Also, numerous studies show that listening to the right kind of music while working out can help you train harder and faster. In addition, having earphones in your ears and sticking to the grind is a subtle way to tell those around you that you’re focused on the task at hand and don’t want to be disturbed

5. Combine exercises effectively

Combine workouts in a way that best meets your goals, and save some time too. Instead of performing separate sets of various exercises, combine a big and small muscle group together and use interesting combinations to engage both in one combination set. Or target one directly after another with a superset or giant set.

6. Have active rest intervals

Instead of resting between each set, rather skip, do jumping jacks or burpees, or perform another type of cardio exercise to keep your heart rate elevated during the entire training session to burn more calories and use your time in the gym more effectively. In this way, you’ll also miss the queues for the stationary bike or treadmill because you’ll get your cardio exercise in with these active recovery intervals.

fitness diet
Have a protein-rich meal after training.

7. Fuel properly before and after training

Going to the gym when you feel flat and without energy definitely won’t result in a productive session. Therefore, make sure you’re well fueled for the training session that lies ahead, and that you have something on hand to get you through those high-intensity exercises. Have a good pre-exercise meal to give you a boost before training, take an intra-workout product to keep you going when you need a lift, and make sure you fuel up soon after training. A lack of sleep will also detract from your effectiveness and intensity in the gym so ensure you’re getting your seven to eight hours a night.

8. Prepare your gym bag the night before

Pack your gym bag the night before to make sure you don’t forget anything for an efficient gym session. Forgot your water bottle? Packed the wrong shoes? No earphones? These things can affect your gym-time productivity.

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Written by Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a woman who lives and breathes fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular visitor to the gym and has gained wealth of experience in toning and strengthening the body. In the evenings she likes to read a good detective novel.


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