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  • sore muscles after gym


    Sore Muscles And How To Relieve Them

    Sore Muscles If achy thighs, quads, or calves have left you limping a day or so after a super legs workout, you’ve experienced sore muscles after gym AKA delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). You probably  asked yourself later, should you workout when sore ?  Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a feeling that no one likes. Here […] More

  • four corners circuit training

    Four Corners Circuit Training

    Do you want better results? Add 50-yard sprint between four ordinary exercises and you’ll see results that are anything but ordinary. Try out the following Four Corners circuit training. WHAT’S FOUR CORNERS CIRCUIT TRAINING? The “Four Corners” exercise was designed by a UK trainer. This is circuit training in the traditional sense: You set up the four exercises as stations, […] More

  • Get Lean With Cardio, HIIT and LISS

    HIIT and LISS, Get Lean With Cardio

    HIIT and LISS! Fitness experts revealed how a combination ( HIIT and LISS ) of high-intensity interval training , low-intensity steady state, and cardio exercise can help you get seriously lean. Cardio exercise plays an important role in helping people maintain low body fat without losing strength or fullness. Yet, for many, it is often an afterthought to weight training and […] More

  • Don't Isolate Muscles, Train Body as a Whole

    Don’t Isolate Muscles, Train Body as a Whole

    When you first hit the gym, it’s tempting to concentrate on your arms and chest. This is what the majority of your fellow gym-goers will probably be doing – well yes, of course, everyone wants to look good in a T-shirt. But in reality, no matter if you want to build stronger muscles, get better at sports or just prepare […] More

  • 4 Great Pre-Exercise Supplements

    4 Great Pre-Exercise Supplements

    Depending on your exercise goal – boosting your energy levels, enhancing your focus or increasing size – here are four pre-exercise supplements you can include into your shake prior to workout.  CAFFEINE IS FOR ENHANCING FOCUS  The main benefit of this stimulant is to increase levels of mood-enhancing endorphins in your brain. Endorphins reduce the perception of pain and fatigue, […] More

  • 5 Exercises To Improve Your Posture

    5 Exercises To Improve Your Posture

    Today, many of us sit long hours in office, which of course affects our posture. Do these 5 exercises regularly and soon you’ll get stronger and improve your posture.  Modern life is ruining the posture of many people. Slumping in a chair and typing long hours lead to muscle imbalances, but help is at hand. By […] More

  • 8 Tips For Becoming A Weekend Warrior

    8 Tips For Becoming A Weekend Warrior

    During the week, there’s often not enough time to exercise, thus you can decide to train on the weekend. Here are 8 tips for becoming a weekend warrior. 1. Commit to exercise every weekend. Get yourself in the habit of exercising on both Friday and Saturday. This will help balance out any faux pas you might make on the weekend and will […] More

  • 4 Steps to Perform the One-Arm Push-Up

    4 Steps to Master the One-Arm Push-Up

    If you have ever tried to do a one-arm push-up, you know why this exercise is showcased as being the ultimate ‘show-off’ move to prove strength. Yes, we all agree: one-arm push-ups are damn hard. Only few people can get down and just bang out a couple of reps. So, if you really want to master this exercise, you […] More

  • 4 Tips To Make Home Training More Effective

    4 Tips To Make Home Training More Effective

    A great challenge facing those who’ve made effort and taken the time to set up a home gym is making sure that their equipment for home training can fulfill the need for constant progress. The training principle of progressive overload says that the people who train have to increase at least one variable every 1-3 weeks to keep seeing progress. Because […] More

  • Can You Build Muscle And Lose Fat At the Same Time?

    Can You Build Muscle And Lose Fat At the Same Time?

    Is it possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time? To be honest, this is quite tricky to do. If you want to gain a great amount of muscle mass, you have to consume an excess amount of calories to encourage the muscle building process. You have to eat more proteins, which are the building […] More

  • Kill Your Lower Abs With Hanging Roll-Ups

    One of the areas most difficult to develop is the lower abdominal wall. This is primarily because of a reduced range of motion that can be achieved by the fibers in this area, because they are so close to the pelvis. Secondly, this area is usually weaker than the upper portion of the anterior abdominal […] More

  • 12-Minute HIIT Exercise

    12-Minute HIIT Exercise

    A number of studies have already proven that high-intensity interval training is effective for improving performance and fitness. The other appeal of this kind of exercise is that it can be done in less time. As a result, fitness fans from all over the world have included HIIT exercise in their training and continue to take advantage […] More

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