6 Weightlifting tips for living strong

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Weightlifting for strenght, yes it’s hard as it sounds, but we are here to help you to get started with a couple of pointers and benefit point outs.

1. Having expectations

Weightlifting for strenght became very popular in fitness community. Most of enthusiasts are men but a lot of women also started taking interest in this discipline. Women which visit GYM mainly train for strenght and lift up to three times a week.

Training for strenght is among top five fitness trends every year

The magnitude of it is astonishing as it developed quite a fan base. Here are a few of helpfull tips just for you to start training.


2. Warm up

No training session should be started without warming up your muscles  (and concentrating on the training) and the same goes for weight lifting. Start slowly and let the blood rush to your muscles, with that you will prevent possible injuries.

Cardio using a gym bicycle

It’s a great way to slowly prepare your heart for intense workout, finishing the cardio you can mimic the general weightlifting workout moves without any weights and stretch your muscles this way. But don’t overdo it, you don’t want to get tired before you even start with your workout.


3. Starting slowly

It’s everything about technique. Starting slowly with less weights when you are a novice will ensure you do your exercises right, avoiding any possible injuries. Everyone had to start somewhere and so do you. Do three sets with 10 reps, this will help strenghten your muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments.


The only way is up

Around the 8th rep you will have a good feeling if you can elevate you training with heavier weights. It’s a great feeling to see your own progress and is a great confidence booster.  If you can’t handle your reps properly, this is a sign you are maybe lifting more than you can handle, in this case put on lighter weights.


4. Rest is crucial

When you are starting with a new workout technique, get to know it first. Overdoing it won’t take you far. For you to be sucessful you have to abide your workout regime, this means including recovery days for your dear muscles.  Recovery may vary depending on the difficulty of your workout.

resting woman
Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Some people are over enthusiastic and injure themselves ending the workout process.
When you are finishing your reps take your time (1-2 min) before starting a new set, to assure a proper way of lifting weights.

5. Variety

Your goals and your time to exercise dictate the way you will train your muscles. Having more time on your hands you can train specific muscles on different days. You can also work on all muscle groups doing a full body workout in a day, the point is variety is important.

Strenght through work

Training 6 days a week can be divided in a neat workout plan, by training different muscles every other day, saving the last day (weekend) for cardio. Or you can do mutliple full body workouts through the week. Just do the harder exercises at the beginning of the training session, when you have more energy.

6. Rythm

Start with a slower speed and master each rep, with time muscles will adjust and the exercise will feel natural. As a rookie you will learn to control the load and its weight in a set time.



In need of motivation ? Weight training benefits your body in a way you may not know about. It helps you burn fat during and after exercise.

Heart becomes healthier

Those who lift weights are less likely to have heart-disease risk factors such as a large waist circumference, high triglycerides, elevated blood pressure and elevated glucose levels.

health concern

Sleeping like a baby

We all know physical activity that drains you through the day, gives you you a good night sleep.


Do you even age?

As we age we tend to loose density in our muscles. Women can have a big problem with loosing lean body mass while aging, by lifting we can slow down this process.  

Bones strong as stones

Aging brings osteoporosis (lower bone density) which is a condition of weakened bone structure (mostly women have this problem). By lifting heavy weights you will enhance your bone density.

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Written by Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis has been a keen runner since early years and took part in several 5k, 10k, half-marathons and marathons. He met his wife six years ago during a 10k race and they still like to go for a good run together.


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