6 Steps to Change Your Mindset

6 Steps to Change Your Mindset

Much like mother nature changes the world around us, people look for ways to change their own lives by transforming their bodies. One thing that people often forget is the fact that a body transformation has to begin with a mental transformation. Here are 6 steps to change your mindset.

A common mistake that people make is not making the necessary changes to their mindset, mental habits and thought patterns before attempting a lifestyle change targeted at body transformation. Most of the time our outward appearance represents our inward experience.


If your target is maintainable fat loss, first you have to work on creating and maintaining a new mindset so that your body can follow.

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How can you reboot your mindset?

First of all, you need to realize and acknowledge that you need a change, and your first step on the path to realization is awareness. You have to become aware of your current mindset, your self-talk, your thought patterns, your habits and your routine. In other words, you have to become aware of where you really are before you can decide where you want to go.


If you want to transform your body or your life you have to evaluate the problem or the circumstances that got you to your current state so that you can identify what’s standing in the way of you achieving your ultimate goal. If there are things that constantly keep you from notching up success such as negative self-talk, a lack of motivation, or poor discipline, you have to dig deep and get to the root cause of these issues. You can’t change something until you don’t understand it so work to identify the problem, evaluate it and then start creating a plan of action to correct it.


After you have determined the problem and you have evaluated the root cause of that problem, then it’s time to start taking action. During this stage it’s important to take intentional steps or deliberate action that will take you closer to becoming the person you want to be or having the body or the life that you want to have. It’s crucial to actively start working on changing your habits, your thought patterns, your negative self-talk, your daily routine, and your mindset.

Say goodbye to your old habits, thought patterns, daily routine, mindset and negative self-talk, and welcome desirable changes.

If you succeeded in transforming your thought patterns, your habits, your routine, your negative self-talk, and your mindset, you have successfully obtained a new way of being. Implementing these changes is never easy because people always struggle with change. As such, if you have reached this point you first should celebrate how far you’ve come. The only thing you have to concentrate on for some time is to maintain this new state; this new mindset or way of living that you have worked so hard for.


Once you feel you have succeeded in obtaining and maintaining your new state, it’s important to then start establishing new goals and to start making more changes. You may want to start with step 1 again and start working on changing something else in your life. This is the perfect time to start working on your body transformation, having dealt with and mastered your mindset. We are all a work in progress and we can always become better versions of ourselves, so use this opportunity to also work on other areas of your life where you want to see changes.


Regular physical exercise is something that you have to incorporate from the beginning, however, concentrating only on training won’t lead to a successful body transformation. Remember that if you obtain the body you want, without having obtained the mindset to maintain that body, your change won’t be successful or sustainable. You have to work on your mindset and your body from the beginning because your “inside” has to transform just as much as your “outside.”

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Changing your mindset, your body, and your life isn’t easy, but if you follow these steps the process will certainly be more successful. Before you start with step one it’s important that your desire to change is greater than your desire to stay the same. You have to know and believe that you can make the changes that you want successfully, and you need to decide that you won’t give up until you have reached your goal.

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Written by Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a woman who lives and breathes fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular visitor to the gym and has gained wealth of experience in toning and strengthening the body. In the evenings she likes to read a good detective novel.


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