Get Fit with a 30-Day Burpee Challenge

Get Fit with a 30-Day Burpee Challenge

Doing burpees is the one exercise that does it all. Take our burpee challenge to get a firmer and fitter body in the next 30 days.

The burpee is probably one of the more demanding fitness moves but that’s because it engages almost every muscle – everything from triceps and biceps to abs, back, glutes and calves. And this means burning more calories in less time. The workout, which is a combination of squats, jumps and press-ups, was adopted by the military to test fitness levels of soldiers in the Second World War. Moving across several planes in rapid succession increases your heart rate, while also testing endurance and strength. It involves coordination, so your mind gets an exercise too.

Get a beautiful body with a 30-day burpee challenge

Perform basic burpees for the first 15 days, and boost burpees the next 15 days.



  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Put hands in a wide stance down on the floor in front of you. Jump or walk feet out behind you so you form a plank position.
  3. Do a wide stance press-up (elbows should point out to the sides). If you’re struggling with the press-up and arching your back, place your knees on the floor.
  4. Jump or walk your feet towards your hands so you’re in a squat position.
  5. Jump up to the starting position.

TIP: Use your core throughout to increase strengthening benefits

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  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Put your hands in a narrow stance down on the floor in front of you – your hands should be directly beneath your shoulders. Jump your feet back behind you into a plank position.
  3. Do one narrow stance press-up (you will feel it in your triceps).
  4. Jump your feet towards your hands to come to a squat position.
  5. Jump upwards into a jump tuck position, then land in your starting position.

TIP: Add a double jump at the top or mountain climbers at the bottom.

woman push ups


  • If it’s your first time, don’t perform the exercise too fast. Stay slow and pick a pace you can maintain.
  • First, test out your press-up. Do you have to put your knees on the floor to lower your body?
  • Don’t arch your back when you’re coming out of the burpee because this can put pressure on your backbone.
  • Keep your shoulders over your wrists, lower your chest in between your hands during your press-up and squeeze your bottom to open your hips when you jump.
  • Think about quality not quantity. If you feel your form failing, reduce the number of repetitions until you’ve mastered the move.

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Written by Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a woman who lives and breathes fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular visitor to the gym and has gained wealth of experience in toning and strengthening the body. In the evenings she likes to read a good detective novel.


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