Be Smart With Vitamin Supplements

Be Smart With Vitamin Supplements

Taking vitamin supplements regularly may have become the norm as an attempt to cut dietary corners. But do you ever ask yourself if these pills are what our bodies really need?

vitamin supplements
Does your body get what it needs with the vitamin supplements you take?

Do you consume a vitamin supplement every day? Do you know what it contains? Does it make you feel any different? If your answer was no to two or more questions above then you may need to re-consider your habit. Whether you are a vitamin veteran or a fair-weather fan, there is no one size fits all when it comes to vitamins, because every person needs something different.

The most important question that you need to ask yourself is: is your body getting what it needs? 

More often than not we rummage to the back of our cupboards and root out that half-empty bottle of vitamins dated 2011 as soon as we feel a sniffle coming on. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone. Even though 7‑20% of women take a supplement at least once a week, half of them aren’t sure if it’s the right one for their needs. We all are different and have unique biochemistry that determines our individual nutritional needs. Wherever possible we should satisfy these needs with real foods.

But with most women now living the equivalent of two to three lifetimes in one, there’s a strong case for additional supplementation because the majority of people isn’t getting what they need with diet alone.

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Written by Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a woman who lives and breathes fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular visitor to the gym and has gained wealth of experience in toning and strengthening the body. In the evenings she likes to read a good detective novel.


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