Workout Routine to Get Leaner, Lighter and Fitter

Workout Routine to Get Leaner, Lighter and Fitter

If you want to lose stubborn kilos, or develop lean muscle and get in great shape as fast as possible, follow this workout routine.

Weight Loss diet_workout
Weight control and fat loss may well be 70% diet but that still leaves 30% of the task to exercise.

Success in the majority of outdoor events and races is built on a trained body, and when it comes to endurance sports like running, cycling and triathlon, lean and light conquers all.

Weight control and fat loss may well be 70% diet but that still leaves 30% of the task to exercise. If you want to lose a few extra pounds you still need to put the effort in with your training.

The key is controlling your heart rate and making sure you’re working in the right heart-rate zones. Stick to the precept of interval training with both your cardio and your resistance work and you’ll see your body fat drop dramatically.

Keep the workouts dynamic and the range of motion wide for the most effective results with both lean muscle development and fat loss.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), called Tabata, is an excellent form of interval training and will help drop body fat faster than a steady state cardio routine alone.

The principle is that you work at an extremely high rate for 20 seconds and then have a 10 second rest. You repeat this for 8 sets – a total of 4 minutes work.

Try a run tabata, but this also works with burpees and other workouts, preferably plyometric or dynamic.

Sumo squat jumps_workoutSumo squat jumps

Why: If you have a tight lower back or have trouble opening up your hips then this is a great technique to work at a larger range of motion without hitting the sticking point of a narrower base.

How: Sumo squats involve a greater distance of separation between the feet. Sink through your heels and keep your chest high, then spring up and land gently.

How many: 20 reps, relaxation, repeat 5 times.

lateral shuffle_workoutLateral shuffle

Why: This targets your adductors, which can be hard to work without lateral exercises, and varies the way in which you work your glutes.

How: Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart and point your toes forward. Take a sideways step to the right, sink through the left heel, and rotate through your torso to lean to the right. Stand up, then take a sideways step with your left leg, and then a step to the left with your right leg to rotate your torso over the the left.

How many: 20 reps, relaxation, repeat 5 times.

Mountain Climbers Exercise_workoutMountain climbers

Why: A workout that should work your cardiovascular system and requires shoulder strength to keep yourself in a straight armed planked position.

How: The goal is to bring one foot at a time up between your hands and alternate this as quickly as possible. Allow the foot to make contact with the ground in-between your hands.

How many: 20 reps, relaxation, repeat 5 times.

Push up leg cross oversPush up leg cross overs

Why: Adding an extra dimension to the basic push-up will help develop core strength. This upgrades the push up into a more dynamic, full body workout.

How: Sink into a push-up and lower through the palms of your hands. Push yourself back up and in the same motion bring one leg up and across your body to kick it out to the opposite side. There’s a rotation in your torso before coming back into the plank position and repeating the push up and the leg cross over on the other side.

How many: 10-15 reps, relaxation, repeat 5 times.

How to Do V-SitsV-sit-ups

Why: This dynamic abs exercise involves a leg lift and is an excellent technique to target as many abdominal muscles as possible in a single movement.

How: Try to keep your legs straight as you simultaneously lift your torso off the ground trying to push your chest skywards and lifting your straight legs to bring your thighs close to your chest.

How many: 20 reps, relaxation, repeat 5 times.

Exercise of the Week: Walking LungesWalking lunge

Why: A walking lunge works your glutes and develops a strong core.

How: Step forward and sink into the heel of the front foot. Keep your torso tall and don’t allow your chest to drop forward. Keep your chin high as you push through your heel to bring yourself back up to standing. Try to engage your glutes and avoid being too quad dominant.

How many: 20 reps, relaxation, repeat 5 times.

tuck jumpTuck jumps

Why: These jumps are an explosively powerful exercise that requires plenty of energy to perform and acts as a cardiovascular routine as well.

How: Jump vertically and bring your knees as high into your chest as possible while in the top of your jump. Land with soft knees and repeat the routine immediately. Try to keep the amount of time that your feet make contact with the ground as short as possible.

How many: 20 reps, relaxation, repeat 5 times.

Burpee tuck jump/knee lifts_workoutBurpee tuck jump/knee lifts

Why: Quite simply, this is the toughest, most dynamic body weight exercise you can do. It takes lots of energy to carry it out and will yield incredible fat loss and lean muscle results.

How: From a bent-armed push-up position, straighten your arms, jump your legs forward to a crouch position, knees by elbows, then in one movement jump as high as possible. Land gently, and kick push your feet back to push-up position. If you struggle with the tuck jump then swap it for alternating single leg knee lifts.

How many: 20 reps, relaxation, repeat 5 times.

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Written by Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a woman who lives and breathes fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular visitor to the gym and has gained wealth of experience in toning and strengthening the body. In the evenings she likes to read a good detective novel.


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