Workout to Get in Great Shape

5 Moves For Great Shape

Follow this total body workout to get in great shape fast!

Side Lunge_Workout to Get in Great Shape Fast

1 Side lunge – works your inner thighs, outer thighs and butt

Stand with your feet slightly apart and your pelvis centred and slightly forward. Hold your back straight and upright. Raise your left foot and move it as far as you can to your left side.

Lean into your right foot and forward into a lunge. Your arms should be raised and bent towards your head at 45 degrees, with your fingertips touching your temples. Then, lean back, raise your left foot and bring it back to its initial position in one fluid movement. Do 10 reps on each side for three sets.

2 Tricep dips – sculpt your triceps and upper body

Sit with your back to a step or bench. Your bottom should be about two inches above the ground and your hands resting on the seat behind, facing forward. Lift yourself up into the initial position, with your arms straight and your body pushing up and away from the ground.

When you’re comfortable, start to lower yourself back down so that your arms are bent at the initial 90-degree angle. You can make this harder with placing your legs further away. Do 10 reps of three sets.

Hip raisers_Workout to Get in Great Shape Fast

3 Hip raisers – work on your butt and hamstrings

Lie on your back, bend your knees, make sure your back is flat and comfortable.

Straighten your right leg, while you push through your bottom foot and raise you hips up until both are level.

Slowly lower your back in direction of the ground and do 10 reps for each leg, for a total of three sets.

4 The plank – strengthens your core

Lie face down on the ground with your forearms and elbows touching the ground and your hips and legs on the ground.

Holding your head aligned with your upper back, raise your hips and engage your core. Imagine a straight line from your head to your ankles. Hold for three times for one minute.

The plank_Workout to Get in Great Shape Fast

5 Side plank swing – works your arms and oblique

Lie on your right side with the whole side of your body on the ground.

With your right elbow prop up the rest of your body. Your elbow should be directly aligned underneath your right shoulder.

Lift your left arm into the air and stretch as high as you can. Then, bring your left arm down in a sweeping movement and through the gap between the ground and your right armpit. Reach as far as you can behind you, while keeping your balance. Move your left arm back up and stretch in the direction of the sky. Do 10 reps on each side for three sets.

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Written by Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a woman who lives and breathes fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular visitor to the gym and has gained wealth of experience in toning and strengthening the body. In the evenings she likes to read a good detective novel.


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