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    Aleksander Košmrl: The Results Are The Product Of Discipline

    Today, we’ll meet Aleksander Košmrl, a determined and successful bodybuilder and a two-time junior bodybuilding national champion. 1 How long have you been building muscle? It’s been eleven years. 2 Do you train at home or do you go to the gym? Usually I hit the gym, but sometimes when I don’t have much time or […] More

  • Matjaž Antončič: Building Muscle Has Become My Way of Life

    Matjaž Antončič: Building Muscle Has Become My Way of Life

    Matjaž Antončič from Slovenia has been building muscle for 12 years. He began as a skinny, 191cm tall guy – at the beginning he had 74kg, and over the last 12 years he build 26-28kg of rock hard muscles; now he weighs 100-102kg. Antončič shared with us his story – why and how he began to build muscle and what […] More

  • Don't Stretch Before Weight Lifting

    Don’t Stretch Before Weight Lifting

    Until recently, virtually all exercise books recommended pre-exercise stretching as part of warm-up. Training experts believed that stretching increased range of motion and lowered the risk of injury during the workout that followed. This has changed. A number of studies have discovered that static stretching before exercise decreases power and strength, and could in fact increase the risk of injury. Brazilian researchers found that […] More

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    Running for weight loss

    Research shows that 58% of runners say weight control is one of their three major reasons for running. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as more and more people are either overweight or obese. It might seem, from elite runners and marathoners, that running promotes leanness and might be a perfect method for dropping pounds. […] More

  • Ultra Running Requires Speedwork

    Ultra Running Requires Speedwork

    Don’t like running too fast? Then why don’t you try ultra running, where you just have to run slow on a daily basis? You don’t need to run fast, you just have to find a race so long or boring that no one else wants to do it so that you win by default. If […] More

  • Motivational Music Speeds Up the Pace

    Motivational Music Speeds Up the Pace

    Athletes usually use motivational music to psyche themselves up for a race, but certain tunes have also been linked to an improved performance and faster recovery time too. Spanish and Brazilian researchers examining the effects of music on the brain’s perception of exertion haven’t only found that the tunes you choose will change your pace but also […] More

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    Pros and Cons of the Ketogenic Diet

    It doesn’t seem logical: a diet loaded with coconut oil, butter and fatty cuts of red meat will help you lose fat. What is more, your energy levels will soar through the roof, you’ll maintain better focus throughout the work day and feel fully rested all the time. A ketogenic diet seems s a radical […] More



    If you want to successfully organize a running event on your own, you should follow these useful tips. You may have harbored ambitions to organize your own running event for long, but you didn’t know how and where to start. Well,  here’s the answer. Follow this tips and there’s a great chance you’ll manage to successfully organize a […] More

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    About Building Lean Muscle Mass

    Analysis into the science of exercise has been evolving all the time in ways that improve our ability to take muscular development beyond the realms of what used to be thought possible. Here are some interesting facts about building lean muscle mass. WHAT REPETITION DURATIONS ARE MOST EFFECTIVE? Building lean muscle , there has been no clear advice […] More

  • What To Eat And Drink During A Marathon?


    What To Eat And Drink During A Marathon?

    Are you preparing for your first major race and you are confused about what to eat and drink during a marathon? Here are simple guidelines. With so much science and information available, it’s often hard to decide for yourself what you should be doing. The choice between sports drinks and water can be tricky, particularly if you […] More

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    Healthy Food Which is Not so Healthy

    Healthy food Healthy food, sugar free , gluten free and other health buzzwords are seen today in commercials and promotions on every corner. They are used on food labels and packaging create health halos that can make consumers to believe that certain products are better options than others when, in fact, this isn’t always true. Smart marketing tactics […] More

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    3 body types of human species, behind genetics

    Control your body types Talking about body types, we the people, we come in all shape and sizes. Genetic heritage is handed down to us by our mother and father. Various civilisations shaped its own views on how should a grown individual look like (same goes for males and females) and considering all the world […] More