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  • The Ultimate Post-Race Recovery

    The Ultimate Post-Race Recovery

    The run-free days after a hard running race or marathon can be torture, but resting for proper post-race recovery is vital to your long-term fitness. Here are some tips to recover properly after a demanding run. Your training schedule shouldn’t end when you cross the finishing line. In the days and weeks after the marathon, […] More

  • Scientifically-Based Nutritional Strategy for Better Results

    Scientifically-Based Nutritional Strategy for Better Results

    If you follow a scientific nutritional strategy, this can reduce your marathon result for almost 11 minutes. Sport scientists from Denmark suggest that scientifically calculating your race-day nutritional and hydration requirements could cut a very valuable 10 minutes and 55 seconds from your marathon time. Their research in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism […] More

  • Check Your Heart Rate Recovery Time to Assess Your Cardio Fitness

    Heart Rate Recovery Test

    Cardiovascular fitness, also called cardio or aerobic fitness, is about how fit your heart is. You can check this by measuring your resting heart rate (RHR) or by measuring how quickly your heart rate slows down after a training session, referred to as your heart rate recovery time. Try this heart rate recovery test. How […] More

  • Determining Your Resting Heart Rate

    Determining Your Resting Heart Rate

    Your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is a measure of how many times your heart beats per minute when you are resting, and is therefore a good approach to checking your approximate level of cardio fitness at any time. How do I measure my heart rate? Hold one hand with your palm facing upward and place the index and […] More

  • Marathon Running Is No Walk in the Park

    Marathon Running Is No Walk in the Park

    If you thought you could run 26.2 miles with no training, think again. If you really want to do this, you need to prepare your body for the rigours of a marathon. Marathon running isn’t a walk in the park. The training formula might not be as simplistic as saying the more you do, the easier […] More

  • Top 10 Road Runs in the UK

    Britain’s Top 10 Road Runs 2015

    The Bath Half Marathon Sunday, 1 March 2015 There is few running events that go through a UNESCO World Heritage site, but Bath is one of them. The two-lap course is mostly flat, traffic-free and as it takes place in early March, it’s the perfect build-up for spring marathon goals. This marathon event is known for […] More

  • How to Buy Right Running Clothing

    What to wear running in any weather

    Before you start a training programme It’s essential to ask yourself what to wear running and purchase the right running clothing so that you don’t feel uncomfortable once you start to rack up the mileage – particularly in your marathon training. The beauty of running is that it doesn’t matter what distance you’re attempting, it’s the least complicated sport you can get. We […] More

  • right_running_shoes

    Choosing The Right Running Shoes

    When you decide which marathon race you want to take part in, comes the next important step when you have to choose the right clothes and running shoes. But this isn’t about fashion, it’s about finding the footwear and kit that are right for you, and that will make your whole marathon experience to remain a pleasant memory. Don’t be the runner […] More

  • What to Look For in a Sports Watch?

    What to Look For in a Sports Watch?

    Experience shows that most people, when they first start running, usually follow a distance-based method of training and shy away from time-based or heart rate-based methods. However running to a heart-rate or using a sports watch to time repetitions or training runs shouldn’t be something to be frightened of. Time-based or heart rate-based methods are perceived as […] More

  • How to Choose the Right Marathon

    How to Choose the Right Marathon Race?

    Choosing a marathon may be simple, particularly if you want to do one that’s on your doorstep. But if  you don’t live in a town or city that has its own 26.2-mile event, how do you go about deciding for a race that’s right for you? 1) BIGGER RACES Pretty much every capital city around Europe has a marathon, as do […] More

  • Five Major Marathon Goals

    Five Major Marathon Goals

    Goals are always a personal thing. What motivates you might do the complete opposite to another person. Here are five major goals motivating runners. What’s your goal that will fuel you to the finishing line? To improve one’s fitness. Everyone wants to be fit, or at least fitter. There’s no doubt that getting ready for a […] More

  • Commitment Is Extremely Important

    Commitment Is Extremely Important

    The fact that you’re reading this article is proof that you’ve at least thought of the idea of running a marathon. But only a thought is not enough, you need to make a firm commitment to do it. In fact, most of you have probably already gained a place in one of the many marathons around the world. This is a good start. Now all you need […] More

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