What to wear running in any weather

How to Buy Right Running Clothing

Before you start a training programme

It’s essential to ask yourself what to wear running and purchase the right running clothing so that you don’t feel uncomfortable once you start to rack up the mileage – particularly in your marathon training.

Perfect Running Shoe
With so many different brands and varieties available, it’s easy to be blinded by science.

The beauty of running is that it doesn’t matter what distance you’re attempting, it’s the least complicated sport you can get. We can all run – we may not all be able to run fast or for long, but we can all do something that approximates to a running action. The right running kit is essential part for a running experience to be as pleasant as possible. You should always first consider about your running shoes.

With so many different brands and varieties available, it’s easy to be blinded by science. Here you’ll learn the basic guidelines for buying a right pair of running shoes. Bear in mind, you’ve got to run 26.2 miles: making the wrong choice, purchasing ill-fitting shoes or not listening to valuable advice won’t just cost you lost time in a marathon; this could also make a difference between running injury-free – or not being able to run at all.

what to wear running
Today’s running clothing is made from some of the most advanced fabrics.

What to wear running

While your choice of running clothing might not be quite as crucial, things have moved on a long way since the days of only cotton T-shirts being available. Today’s running clothes are made from some of the most advanced fabrics. There are jackets made of fabrics that are impervious to water, but still let the body breathe; there are tops that are so lightweight they can be folded right into a trouser pocket; and there are even tops with air chambers that can be inflated when the temperature drops. To put it bluntly, if you can think of an application, then there’s a very strong chance that there is a piece of running clothing that will do the job.

While you can make do in almost any clothing that feels comfortable, you won’t want the uncomfortable feeling of a water-logged T-shirt weighing you down or some old shorts chafing the skin between your legs – especially if you’re on a long training run or during the marathon event itself.

Shopping for the right kit will make your marathon journey just that bit more bearable – and bear in mind, in a marathon race you’ll want all the help you can get!


When buying running clothing, what should you pay attention to?

You shouldn’t base your decisions on aesthetics, but, at the same time, you want to look and feel good.


Here are some factors that you should consider when purchasing clothing:

  • its ability to move freely with your body;
  • the fabric’s moisture-wicking ability;
  • how lightweight it is;
  • if the waterproof clothing remains waterproof during the most miserable weather;
  • style – how does it look?

Essential clothing

  • Running shoes
  • Socks
  • Windproof/waterproof jacket (best breathable)
  • Long-sleeved top (especially for cold weather conditions)
  • T-shirt
  • Shorts (with inner brief – men)
  • Sports bra (women)

Desirable clothing

  • Breathable jacket
  • Running tights
  • Hat/gloves
  • Thermal top (breathable and worn next to skin)

Optional clothing

  • Compression clothing
  • Sunglasses

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Written by Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis has been a keen runner since early years and took part in several 5k, 10k, half-marathons and marathons. He met his wife six years ago during a 10k race and they still like to go for a good run together.


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