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  • Essential Running Kit For Beginners

    Running equipment for beginners

    To start running you actually don’t need much Buying running equipment for beginners, can be a bit overwhelming to see the great variety of clothing, running shoes and gadgets being pushed at runners. However, one of the joys of running is that you can begin with just a few essentials, making it a cheap and accessible sport. […] More

  • Top 20 Tips For New Runners

    Top 20 Tips For New Runners

    You have decided to start running regularly? Congratulations! You’ve done with the hard part. It might be tempting to put on shoes and head out to start running right away, but there are several things you should think about before doing anything. Here are top 20 tips for new runners. 1 Start slowly It might be […] More

  • family running

    Advantages of Running Later in Life

    Can running itself protect older runners from injuries? The latest studies show that there’s a number of great reasons why people should keep up the miles later in life. It’s never too late to start, and any lingering notion that the enjoyment of running depends on age was emphatically dispelled in Toronto on 16 October […] More

  • improve your breathing

    Improve Your Breathing

    How much attention do you give to your breathing? Research shows that a lot of people don’t make full use of their lungs while running. Try making small changes to improve your breathing and introducing yoga into your week schedule, and soon you’ll see positive changes and improve your running performance. When did you last […] More

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    10 Tips For Being a Confident Runner

    The resilience of every runner is tested by mental and physical challenges, and scientists agree it’s confidence that will carry you through. Follow these top 10 tips to become a confident runner and put a spring in your step. 1 KEEP A DIARY Keeping track of your thoughts and feelings can be a good way to keep […] More

  • ankle sprain

    Running and Ankle Sprains

    Ankle sprains are annoying, but if treated correctly, this doesn’t have to mean several weeks without running. Here are some top tips to recover faster and stronger. More and more runners are discovering the benefits and  joys of off-road running, but some of us also discover the hard way that the uneven terrain, quick directional […] More

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    What All Do You Need to Consider to be a Good Runner?

    Running consists of many different pieces – it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. Here you’ll learn what all you need to consider to be a good runner. Success in running is a combination of various pieces – it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle. There are many pieces that you have to put into the mix, and your […] More

  • family running

    Running From An Early Age Has Many Benefits

    Nowadays, children are fat… and getting fatter. Research suggests that 24% of two- to five–year–old kids are overweight or obese, and excessive weight gain is increasing in older children and teenagers. Sobering news for your child, if you consider the long–term health implications as your kids grow towards adulthood and become susceptible to the problems […] More

  • Coping With DNF

    Coping With DNF

    A DNF leaves every eager runner demoralized and broken. In case you didn’t crossed the finish line, here is some advice to help you coping with DNF. 1 COGNITIVE RESTRUCTURING First, you’ll feel terribly disappointed, but once you are through the initial frustrating feelings, it’s time to move on. Think constructively and set new goals. […] More

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee: How to Recover?

    Osteoarthritis of the Knee: How to Recover?

    Symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee can be relieved through exercise, but the biggest challenge is to find the proper balance of maintaining muscle strength and joint health without aggravating symptoms. Osteoarthritis of the knee often occurs after injury. For instance, footballers often suffer OA after several years of knee injuries. How long does recovery take? Typically, osteoarthritis of […] More

  • off-road running

    Off-Road Running Helps Prevent Injury

    Research on running injury reveals off-road running can help prevent injury. When you get the off-road running strategy right, it makes you a much stronger runner. Even though often considered suitable for crazy people who love running up hills, getting into some off-road running is definitely one of the most common pieces of advice given […] More

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    Prevent Running Injuries With These Exercises

    Running is a physical activity that demands a lot from your body. To run injury-free, you should know how to prepare for a run, how to pre-activate your body and how to recover properly. Below you’ll find exercises that will help you prevent running injuries. 1) How to prepare before you start running? Most often, the cause […] More

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