5 Rules to Maximize Your Running Potential

5 Rules to Maximize Your Running Potential

Here are 5 rules that every individual who wants to maximize their running potential should observe.

1 Be consistent.

Consistency is of utmost importance. If you want to get anywhere near your potential, consistency is crucial. Aerobic progress takes years of regular training, so keep your mileage up throughout the year.

2 Put in the miles.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you have to run 140 miles a week like elite marathon runners. However, many runners underestimate what their bodies can do in terms of training volume. Some cautious increases can lead to new levels that you probably thought you would never be capable of.

running_stretching exercises
Try standing on one leg with your eyes closed without wobbling. Can you do it? If not, strengthen your core.

3 Build a strong core.

Good balance is very important. Try standing on one leg with your eyes closed without wobbling. Can you do it? If you’ve just fallen over, you have to work on your core stability. Pilates, yoga, circuit training or even just the traditional “plank” will all help to make you a faster and more efficient runner.

4 Live healthy.

There’s no point committing 100% to your training and then not caring for your body. Recover and adapt faster from your training by getting good quality sleep, eating as clean as you can, and keeping sweet treats to a minimum.

5 Get out of your comfort zone.

Last but not least, it’s important to vary your training. Try mixing things up with some roads races, track, cross-country and parkruns. This will benefit your running a lot.

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Written by Kyra Williams

Kyra Williams likes to say in a joke that she preferred running to walking already as a child. Regular running has always been part of her life and she has joined several running events. She loves long runs with her loyal playful companion Vicky, Brittany Spaniel, in the early morning or in the evening.


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