How to Choose Winter Running Shoes?

How to Choose Winterproof Training Shoes?

When looking for a good pair of winter running shoes, go for comfortable and all-weather protective shoes with enhanced grip if the training session gets wet.

Winter Running Shoes
Winter running shoes are usually heavier to provide more secure grip and more protection to your feet from the wet.

Pounding out the miles in terrible weather, or tackling a few interval sessions when it’s muddy and greasy underfoot, calls for a serious shoe. Winter training shoes are usually heavier to offer more protection to your feet from the wet, and to deliver more secure grip underneath.

But the essentials remain the same – the model has to fit your foot shape and running gait. If you’re intending to spend the next few months putting in some long, steady runs then look for decent cushioning; if you’re heading off-road make sure the grip is appropriate for the terrain; and if you want to run on the road and keep your feet dry then a shoe with a water-resistant lining (such as Gore-Tex) is worth considering.

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A good shop will analyse your running gait and advise you which running shoes would fit you the best.

What to look for in running shoes?

1 Support

Training miles demand support for both the heel and arch of your foot. A good shop will analyse your running gait and advise whether you need support for over or under pronation, or whether a ‘neutral’ shoe fits you best.

2 Grip

Choose a grip that can cope with the type of terrain on which you run. Soles designed for road or mud have very different patterns.

3 Forefoot

Look for excellent cushioning and a responsive feeling under the forefoot to encourage biomechanical running style.

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Written by Kyra Williams

Kyra Williams likes to say in a joke that she preferred running to walking already as a child. Regular running has always been part of her life and she has joined several running events. She loves long runs with her loyal playful companion Vicky, Brittany Spaniel, in the early morning or in the evening.


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