Running equipment for beginners

Essential Running Kit For Beginners

To start running you actually don’t need much

Buying running equipment for beginners, can be a bit overwhelming to see the great variety of clothing, running shoes and gadgets being pushed at runners. However, one of the joys of running is that you can begin with just a few essentials, making it a cheap and accessible sport. Here are the key pieces of running kit you need.

Running equipment for beginners

The most important piece of running kit you’ll need, and should justify spending a bit of money on, is running shoes. A decent high-quality pair of specially designed running shoes will last you a few hundred miles and make sure you’re running safely without the risk of injury.

Starting with a new hobby

Don’t rush out and waste money on high-end articles that you just won’t need. Buying a couple of essential pieces will encourage you to go out running in your new togs, but without the shopping-related guilt involved with some of the expensive pieces available.

As your skills develop so will your tastes

Here you’ll learn which key items you need for running in summer and winter, so pay attention to latest and improved items available on the market. Once you get the essentials, you’ll look the part and that will of course increase your feeling of being a runner – which will consequently make you even more motivated. Achieving this feeling will help you to keep up your newly found passion and discipline.

running equipment for beginners
Women should always wear a quality sports bra to make their runs comfortable and to ensure high protection for their breasts.

Try items on, shop online

Research the kit you’re looking for and try items on if possible, because there are slight differences in sizes among different running brands. When you have decided what you’d like to buy, shop around on the high street and also online where you can always find bargains. On many online stores you’ll find decent discounts and get a free pair of running socks if you spend over a certain amount.

Must-have for women:

  • Sports bra: quality sports bra designed especially for running is a very important investment to make. It won’t just make your runs comfortable but it’s also medically advised. Female breasts contain no muscle, only fat and tissue, so they should be held in place firmly or it can come to irreparable stretching and damage.

Must-have in winter:

  • Hat: We lose a lot of body heat – but not as much as we are often told – through our heads, so don’t forget to trap the heat during the winter months with a thin hat. If you don’t like hats, try a headband wide enough to cover your ears.
  • Gloves: A necessity when the weather turns, they protect our hands from all of the winter elements making your run more bearable. They are easily rolled up and placed in a pocket too so always carry them in colder months.
winter running
In winter, don’t forget to put on a hat and gloves as they’ll protect you from losing heat.

Other must-have items:

  • Running shoes: For your first pair of running shoes, go to a specialized store where you’ll receive expert help. Experts will assess your feet and running style, then find a pair that fits your feet the best. If you don’t get your feet examined early on and wear incorrect trainers, it can lead to injury, and bad posture and running form.
  • Breathable material: Choose running T-shirts that are made from breathable fabrics. Wearing quality T-shirts can cost slightly more because of the ‘wicking’ material, but they’ll be more enjoyable to wear, plus they wash well, don’t shrink and are dry in no time.
  • Lightweight jacket or top: A wind and weatherproof jacket or top is crucial, especially on colder days. It can transform a cold, wet, wind-beaten run into a fun spell in the elements.
  • High-visibility clothing: Ensure you are clearly visible in the evenings or winter months by picking items of clothing with reflective strips on them or invest in a cheap high-visibility vest.
  • Running tights: Short, knee-length, three-quarter-length or ankle-length, ensuring that you have a suitable variety for the seasons will keep your legs happy and wearing tighter trousers will hold muscles in place better, leading to less achy legs.
  • Socks: Invest in a comfortable pair of socks to ward off chaffing and blisters. Most running socks are specially designed to fit to the contours of your feet and usually come fitted with extra cushioning and are made from moisture absorbing fabric.

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Written by Kyra Williams

Kyra Williams likes to say in a joke that she preferred running to walking already as a child. Regular running has always been part of her life and she has joined several running events. She loves long runs with her loyal playful companion Vicky, Brittany Spaniel, in the early morning or in the evening.


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