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  • Core Strength is Crucial for Faster Running

    Core Strength is Crucial for Faster Running

    All runners experienced in long-distance races, such as marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks, will tell you that speed and endurance largely depend on core strength. If you have good core strength, the force is going down from your front arm, through your body, to your hips to the back arm. Every fiber of your body is […] More

  • morunning

    MoRunning Is Here!

    Calling all runners … Prepare to don your moustache this November when MoRunning comes back to cities throughout the UK and Ireland. In 2014, over 15,000 MoBros and MoSistas participated in MoRunning events throughout the country and this year promises to be even better and bigger than before. Being organized for seven years in a row, MoRunning raises awareness of […] More

  • Cool Shower Helps You Run Faster

    Cool Shower Helps You Run Faster

    A recent study showed that runners who trapped frozen gel packs to quads and hamstrings during a 30-minute warm-up completed a 5K race 85 seconds faster. Why? Pre-cooling your muscles will ease fatigue. If you don’t have gel packs, try a cool shower instead. More

  • Avoid Injuries With Kettlebell Training

    5 Short Workouts That Make You Run Faster

    Has it ever happened to you that you’ve had to miss a group training session? Maybe you were working late or went to the pub for a drink with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time? Well, don’t worry: that doesn’t mean you have to miss training all together. Here are five time-efficient workouts that will […] More

  • Speed Up Your 5K And 10K In Four Weeks

    Workout Routine to Speed Up Your 5K and 10K

    Speed equals distance divided by time. Power equals strength multiplied by speed. In terms of running, this means that the more strength and power you have, the faster you run. Follow this workout routine and boost your speed in a month. Complete three sets of ten repetitions twice per week in combination with a sprint […] More

  • 5K Before a Marathon Race?

    5K Before a Marathon Race?

    You are going to run a marathon, but there’s a 5K race a day before the marathon race, you’re also thinking to attend as a shakeout. Is this recommended? Well, doing a short, easy run the day before your marathon is certainly a good idea. Especially if you have been traveling, your legs will feel […] More

  • Half Marathons, Marathons... Any Other Running Challenges?

    Half Marathons, Marathons… Any Other Running Challenges?

    You have already run a number of half-marathons and marathons and enjoyed them, but now you want to try something else. What other running challenges are there to tackle? Many runners enjoy taking part in road races, from 5km distances up to marathons and never try anything else. But there is also a number of […] More

  • South Coast 1/2 Marathon

    South Coast 1/2 Marathon

    Seaford, East Sussex SOUTH COAST 1/2 MARATHON Incorporating a 10k & 5k family fun run Sunday, 5th July 2015 More info More

  • Birmingham: 10K Race & 5K Fun Run

    Birmingham: 10K Race & 5K Fun Run

    Sutton Park, City of Birmingham 10K RACE & 5K RUN RUN Sunday, 6th September 2015 Complete closed road course within Europe’s largest urban park Free entry for children under 12 years in the 5k fun run (but have to be accompanied by a full paying adult) More info More