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    Pizza Belongs To Addictive Foods

    Pizza the holy grail of unhealthy foods It maybe came the time to stop saying “cheese,” a new study from the University of Michigan suggested. Experts ran 500 students through the Yale Food Addiction Scale, which is intended for testing whether you’re addicted to a certain food, and discovered that pizza (not surprisingly) was at the very top of the […] More

  • Are You a Race Junkie?

    Are You a Race Junkie?

    Everybody knows one race junkie. They always race at a similar level but never seem to get any better or look pleased with their performance. How do you recognize that you’ve become a race junkie? Signs and symptoms: You race every week, twice or more if you find any midweek events. You are often late or miss family […] More

  • Addicted to Racing?

    Addicted to Racing?

    Are you a race junkie? Do you recognize the symptoms? Being addicted to racing brings no good. Here are some useful tips how to avoid the risks of over-racing. Set yourself some goals. Having determined goals will help you to concentrate on fewer events. Plan six months ahead and stick to one hard ‘race’ a month. Make a […] More

  • Mindfulness Fights Bad Thoughts and Addiction

    Mindfulness Fights Bad Thoughts and Addiction

    Spending a few moments focusing on present thoughts, emotions, and sensations doesn’t only calm the mind and soothe the spirit, it can actually short-circuit racial bias and fight drug dependency. In a new study on mindfulness, a practice that became popular in the late 1970s, subjects who spent 10 minutes listening to a mindful meditation before looking at pictures of black […] More