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  • Wild Mountain Swimming

    Adventure swimming in remote small lakes is a great experience and can provide the highlight of your hiking trip. Here you’ll learn the basics to wild mountain swimming. In order to stay safe and come out smiling, follow these basic safety principles. Never go alone. Always swim with somebody who can help you if you get into difficulty; most tarns […] More

  • Weekend Adventure on Helvellyn

    Weekend Adventure on Helvellyn

    Helvellyn in Cumbria might only be the third highest summit in the UK, but it is number one for stunning views and exciting ascents. Embark on a wonderful adventure on Helvellyn. Why: The Lake District National Park is the ideal playground for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, and its crowning glory is the towering mountain of Helvellyn. Even its name combines excitement and menace, […] More

  • Essential Equipment for Micro-Adventures

    Essential Equipment for Micro-Adventures

    Enjoy a work-free day to its fullest and have a 24-hour adventure, also called a micro-adventure. But don’t forget the essential equipment. What do you need? Beside classic equipment, you will also need: Sleeping bag: don’t worry about purchasing an expensive sleeping bag at first. Simply use whatever you already have at home. Also take an […] More