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  • Weigh Training Over 65 Years Benefits Brain

    Weight Training Over 65 Years Benefits Brain

    We all know that exercising keeps our muscles from shrinking, but scientists at the University of British Columbia examined how weight training impacts our brains. A preliminary experiment specifically examining the relationship between resistance training and brain health discovered that regular weigh lifting sessions could slow age-related shrinking of white matter, a material that connects different regions of the brain and allows them […] More

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    Advantages of Running Later in Life

    Can running itself protect older runners from injuries? The latest studies show that there’s a number of great reasons why people should keep up the miles later in life. It’s never too late to start, and any lingering notion that the enjoyment of running depends on age was emphatically dispelled in Toronto on 16 October […] More

  • How Cycling Beats the Signs of Ageing

    How Cycling Beats the Signs of Ageing

    Ageing is something that happens to everybody — we cant stop it or battle, but getting older doesn’t mean that we have to stop riding. In fact, cycling may help deal with the tell-tale signs of ageing. It seems that delaying the signs of ageing is the goal of every face cream and wonder food; […] More

  • How to Maintain Bone Health?

    How to Maintain Bone Health?

    Cycling is extremely beneficial to your leg muscles and cardiovascular system but not so great for your bones. In reality, the more you ride and depending on your diet, the more attention you should to pay to your bone health. Broken bones are fairly common among professional riders. In fact, they are almost a rite of passage. In this […] More

  • Body Changes Throughout Life

    Body Changes Throughout Life

    Getting older—it happens to everyone of us. And with it comes a number of physical changes. Knowing what to expect of your body as you age—what’s likely to happen and why—means that you have a good chance to take action to help lessen or delay the changes, keeping you both feeling and looking younger and fitter for […] More