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  • Alcohol Leads to Loss of Electrolytes

    Alcohol Leads to Loss of Electrolytes

    According to research from Macmillan’s Sober October campaign, an average British person spends more than 10 months of their life recovering from a hangover. One of the primary reasons you feel so bad after drinking too much is simple: dehydration. It also leads to loss of electrolytes, which contributes to nausea. Alcohol blocks the release of vasopressin, a hormone […] More

  • 6 Tips to Prevent A Hangover

    6 Tips to Prevent A Hangover

    Having a night out with friends is fun but drinking too much alcohol leads to uncomfortable consequences, which we all want to avoid. Here are six tips that will help you prevent a hangover. 1 EAT ENOUGH After-work drinks and office parties often start on an empty stomach—the fastest way to having a hangover. Food slows […] More

  • How to Maintain Bone Health?

    How to Maintain Bone Health?

    Cycling is extremely beneficial to your leg muscles and cardiovascular system but not so great for your bones. In reality, the more you ride and depending on your diet, the more attention you should to pay to your bone health. Broken bones are fairly common among professional riders. In fact, they are almost a rite of passage. In this […] More

  • 8 Steps to Improve Your Bone Health

    8 Steps to Improve Your Bone Health

    Here are eight effective steps that will help you to improve your bone health. WEIGHT LIFTING: Weight-bearing workout is crucial for new bone formation. Researchers at the Bone and Joint Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre in Michigan discovered the best bone-building exercises included jumping for the lower body, and racquet sports such as tennis for the upper body. REST […] More

  • Real Beauty Comes From Inside

    Real Beauty Comes From Inside

    Are you still chasing that enviable and elusive glow? The key to look your best lies in a holistic approach. Follow these tips and you’ll soon shine like a star. And always keep in mind, real beauty comes from inside. 1 Hydration is crucial Our bodies contain almost 60% water but daily topping up is […] More

  • How to Drink Without Much Damage?

    How to Drink Without Much Damage?

    Your lifestyle is healthy in general, you are exercising regularly and eating healthy food, but you also like to go for a drink with your friends at the weekends and occasionally overdo it? If you are wondering what’s the “healthiest” way to have a big night out with your friends, here is some advice. Nutrition experts say that […] More

  • Fitness vs Alcohol

    Effects of alcohol and fitness progress

    Does alcohol help or hinder your fitness? We will talk about effects of alcohol when consuming certain types of alcoholic beverages. This activity may bring out the positive effects of alcohol and negative effects of alcohol. BEER The power of a recovery pint. Bitter 4% ABV, calories per pint 180-200 Lager 4.7-5% ABV, calories per pint 210-240 Positive effects of alcohol (PROS) Two recent […] More

  • Tips to Track Recovery from Hangover

    Tips to Speed Up Hangover Recovery

    You maybe drank a little too much alcohol yesterday. Here are some tips how to fast-track hangover recovery. Dress properly Compensate for the effect alcohol has on your body thermometer. In cold conditions, your hung-over body can lose heat more quickly than normally – while in hot temperatures your body might not release enough heat. Don’t sweat it out Forcing yourself to […] More