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  • How to Boost Your Energy

    How to Boost Your Energy

    It’s important to keep in mind that your perceived energy level depends on several factors, not least of which is your general lifestyle and environmental conditions. These include factors such as your hydration level (when you are not enough hydrated your energy levels drop), a good diet with the right type and amount of fat and minimal sugar, a healthy […] More

  • Getting Vitamins Only from Food?

    Getting Vitamins Only from Foods?

    Shouldn’t we be getting all the vitamins we need from foods only? This is a common question we ask ourselves. Well, in a perfect world, yes, we should. But what’s the reality? Healthy, vitamin-rich foods should be the basis of our diets, but because we are now a time-poor nation, this may not always be possible. […] More

  • Health Benefits of Nuts

    Often a subject of bad press because of their high fat content, nuts offer so much more including vitamins, protein, and minerals. A handful of nuts every day will fill you up, help maintain energy and provide your body with enough nutrients to put many “superfoods” to shame. So which are the main health benefits of nuts? Weight-conscious runners often avoid […] More

  • Almonds and coconut spread with cinnamon

    Preparation time: cca. 15 minutes Per portion cca. 390 kcal / 1638 kJ 10 g P, 33 g F, 13 g CH Serves 4 200 g almonds (alternatively 200 g chopped almonds) 4 tbsp desiccated coconut 1 tsp cinnamon 10 tbsp maple syrup Pour boiling water over the almonds, then squeeze them so they slide out of […] More

  • Foods that Keep Your Joints Healthy

    Foods that Keep Your Joints Healthy

    Cartilage damage, inflammation and even arthritis can seriously affect your training. However, these opponents of sporting performance can be controlled by a diet that targets joints with a proper supply of vitamins and nutrients. Here are five simple foods you should add to your diet to keep your joints healthy. 1 OILY FISH Oily fish […] More

  • Fighting Flu with Foods - Part 2

    Fighting Flu with Foods – Part 2

    When temperature drops and in changing weather conditions, the flu is near. You can fight it off with the right diet. Among other things, the best flu-fighting foods are fermented diary, mushrooms and cruciferous vegetables described in the first part of this article, now let’s take a look at another four great foods that can […] More

  • Honey quark with almonds

    Preparation time: approx. 15 minutes Per portion approx. 156 kcal / 655 kJ 15 g P, 5 g F, 10 g CH Serves 4 400 g low-fat quark 125 ml milk 2 tbsp honey grated rind of ½ an unwaxed lime 2 tbsp ground almonds pinch ground vanilla 4 tbsp cream Stir together the low-fat quark, […] More