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  • Ginger Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

    A recent study suggests the potent ginger root could boost recovery after strength-depleting workout. Every cyclist knows that feeling when, getting back on the bike after an exhaustive session the previous day, your legs don’t have the same punch as usual. The muscles are fatigued and not absolutely recovered. The solution to faster recovery could be about to change, […] More

  • Chilled Scandinavian-Style Fruit Soup

    Traditional Scandinavian fruit soup uses dried fruits, which thicken and develop flavor as they simmer with a cinnamon stick. This version—which is more reminiscent of a compote than a real soup—is contains two powerful antioxidants: dried tart cherries and pomegranate juice. In addition, the whole oranges contain bioflavonoids (an anti-inflammatory), while tapioca adds carbs. Serves 4 Ingredients ½ cup […] More