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  • Health Risks of Shrimps

    Low-cal and a great source of lean protein, shrimps have a very healthy hook. But some catches-of-the-day harbour a mix of pathogens, according to Consumer Reports. About 16% of ready-to-eat packaged shrimp bought in the US tested positive for disease-causing bacterium, including vibrio and E. coli. Why? According to the FDA, nearly all of supply in the US is imported […] More

  • Beware of Antibiotics Performance-Hindering Side Effects

    Beware of Antibiotics Performance-Hindering Side Effects

    Triathletes, trail runners and adventure sports people have to pay particular regard to the label when taking prescribed antibiotics. Surveys suggest that athletes are twice as likely to use antibiotics in a bid to recover from illness. But certain performance-hindering side-effects appear to afflict athletes more often, for example diarrhea and fatigue. Those who compete or exercise outdoors […] More