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  • antioxidants

    Antioxidants Block Effects of Exercise

    Research shows that antioxidants block some of the beneficial metabolic effects of exercise. Let’s take a look at why is it so. The human body is in a constant balancing act. There are external stressors, to which the body has to regularly adapt. Exercise is one such stressor. This is a breaking-down and building-up process. […] More

  • fitness food

    Bodybuilding Supplements & Nutrition

    Did you know that consuming vitamins to ease post-training soreness might be stifling your gains? Strength training has to be accompanied with proper nutrition to effectively reach physique goals, therefore strength and endurance athletes are always searching for nutrition strategies to improve performance and body composition. For this reason, most athletes take bodybuilding supplements in hopes of enhancing the effects of […] More

  • olive oil benefits

    Olive oil benefits, the heart-friendly delicacy

    Olive oil benefits to your health Olive oil benefits us and Mediterranean people simpl love it. It is the basis of their diet, which is connected to decreased obesity, increased longevity, and a lower risk of heart disease. When buying olive oil, choose olive oil in dark glass containers or tins that have been protected […] More

  • Collagen For Glowing Skin

    Seventy-five percents of each skin cell is made up of collagen, which declines with age, resulting in wrinkles. Consider drinking fruit juices containing plenty of antioxidants with added collagen for firmer-looking, plumper skin. More

  • Kiwi Is Packed With Good Stuff

    Eating only one kiwi boasts 115% of your RDA of vitamin C, improving your immune system, as well as  protecting your skin, bones and blood vessels. In addition, they contain plenty of antioxidants and energy-boosting magnesium. Plus, they’re only 49 calories! More

  • How to Make the Perfect Smoothie?

    Smoothie recipe which will make your mouth water

    Here are some rules to make a delicious and healthy smoothie. Blend ingredients (excluding the topping) until smooth, transfer in a bowl and add the toppings. ESSENTIAL LEAFY GREENS Greens contain high levels of calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth, and play an important role in blood clotting. TRY: 1 stalk of detoxifying kale and a […] More

  • Cherries For Your Heart

    Did you know that eating only 10 cherries will give you 10% of your RDA of fiber at just 40 calories? Cherries also an amazing source of heart-healthy potassium and anti-ageing antioxidants and vitamins, including A, B6, and C. More

  • Cauliflower – The New Superfood!

    Cheap, easy to cook and nutrient rich – no surprise that cauliflower is the latest healthy miracle ingredient. What makes it so good? Very low calorie – a third of the calories of potatoes Rich in vitamin C, which is crucial for a healthy immune system; about a third of a cauliflower head provides you with enough vitamin […] More

  • How to Prepare Freekeh?

    Freekeh is a staple food that has been eaten in the Middle East for centuries. It contains a lot of protein, fibre, minerals, starch, antioxidants and high level of iron, making it a very healthy choice. If you are wondering how to prepare freekeh, here’s some advice. Cooking with freekeh is very easy. Freekeh is often cracked so […] More

  • Super Grain: Freekeh

    Super Grain: Freekeh

    Even though its name suggests otherwise, freekeh is a staple food that has been eaten in the Middle East for centuries. The good news for fitness fans is that this delicious grain can improve your performance. Consumed for centuries in the Middle East, Arabian Peninsula and some parts of North Africa, freekeh is a cereal […] More

  • Health Benefits of Cherries

    Health Benefits of Cherries

    If you had to introduce one fruit to your diet, which one would you choose? Well, cherries would be a great choice. Find out why. Recently, there have been many studies done on cherries, which revealed a number of health benefits. All berries are a good source of antioxidants. Sour cherries are fairly high in melatonin […] More

  • Foods that Keep Your Joints Healthy

    Foods that Keep Your Joints Healthy

    Cartilage damage, inflammation and even arthritis can seriously affect your training. However, these opponents of sporting performance can be controlled by a diet that targets joints with a proper supply of vitamins and nutrients. Here are five simple foods you should add to your diet to keep your joints healthy. 1 OILY FISH Oily fish […] More

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