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  • High-Fat Diet Can Lead To Anxiety

    High-Fat Diet Can Lead To Anxiety

    Fitness experts have never said people shouldn’t eat fat, just to keep it to no more than 30% of the total caloric intake. Fat is an important part of immune function, cell signaling, and energy regulation. A high-fat diet, however, can gradually lead to heart attacks and stroke, and a recent study in the British Journal of Pharmacology […] More

  • 3 Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

    Nowadays, our lives are often stressful. Do you feel stressed too? Many people use yoga to relax their minds and body. Do these 3 yoga poses and you’ll naturally and effectively relieve stress in a few minutes. 1. Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana) calms the nervous system, relieves anxiety and fatigue, and decompresses the spine. 2. Child’s […] More

  • family running

    Running From An Early Age Has Many Benefits

    Nowadays, children are fat… and getting fatter. Research suggests that 24% of two- to five–year–old kids are overweight or obese, and excessive weight gain is increasing in older children and teenagers. Sobering news for your child, if you consider the long–term health implications as your kids grow towards adulthood and become susceptible to the problems […] More

  • Tackling Symptoms of PMS

    Tackling Symptoms of PMS

    Premenstrual syndrome has been troubling women since always. In general, women usually experience a number of symptoms 7-10 days before their period. The type and intensity of symptoms of PMS experienced can vary from one month to another. 1 CRAVINGS About 40% of women with PMS experience cravings for sweet or starchy foods such us […] More

  • Handle Stress for Better Health

    Handle Stress for Better Health

    Is it true that personality traits have an effect on your overall health? What if you are stressed out by nature? What does this mean for you and your well-being? Learn how to handle stress. Your personality can, and actually does, have an effect on your health. People who find themselves high in conscientiousness—that is, “neat, […] More

  • Why Should I Exercise Regularly?

    Why Should You Exercise Regularly?

    Why should you exercise regularly? There are so many health benefits for the body and mind that you really should exercise regularly; and it’s helpful to remind yourself from time to time about them. When you really consider the wide range of benefits, it gets hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Exercise makes you […] More