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  • Everesting: Tips on the Ultimate Challenge

    Everesting: 9 Tips on the Ultimate Challenge

    Do you want to try and climb an Everest for yourself? Here are some useful tips that will help you to tackle the Everesting challenge. Choose a hill to Everest that is somehow important to you. The thought of being able to claim it as your own Everest will help you to stay motivated when […] More

  • Everesting: What and How?

    Everesting: What and How?

    If you’re in search of the ultimate riding challenge, try Everesting. As its name suggests, Everesting involves pedaling up the equivalent height of Everest (29,002 ft/8048m) in one attempt. To bike an Everest you may select any hill or mountain. It’s not important how long your ride is as long as you climb more than 29,002ft and it’s ridden in […] More

  • Everesting: the Ultimate Riding Challenge

    Everesting: the Ultimate Riding Challenge

    What do you think about a different type of biking challenge, about one that would put your mind and body to the ultimate test? If it sounds appealing to you, then maybe it’s time to consider Everesting. Cycling in Britain is experiencing an unprecedented period of popularity. Inspired by track and road elite cyclists such […] More