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  • Rock Music Evokes a Sense of Power

    Rock Music Evokes a Sense of Power

    Listening to rock music with dominant bass lines can help you to get faster to the finishing line. University of Illinois researchers analysing the connection between music and athletic performance discovered that runners and riders feel more empowered when listening to rock anthems and tracks with dominant bass lines when compared to less ‘rocking’ songs. Power hits including Queen’s ‘We […] More

  • A cup of coffee to improve athletic performance

    A Cup of Coffee to Boost Athletic Performance

    In addition to boosting alertness, caffeine has been discovered  to improve athletic performance and burn more fat It is a known fact that caffeine can spike alertness  and give exercise a boost; however new research reveals another benefit to a powerful brew for runners and cyclists. Australian scientists put two groups of amateur athletes through a series of trials including […] More