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  • How to Start Running with a Jogging Stroller?

    If you have a child, you know how difficult it is to find time for a run. Therefore more and more parents decide to start running with their child. Here are several useful tips for beginners in running with a jogging stroller. Most pushchairs are okay for low intensity antenatal fitness classes, but if you want to […] More

  • Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

    If you have a child, it’s probably very tricky for you to find time for a run. So why not running with your kid? First make sure you buy a suitable jogging stroller, which will guarantee comfort and safety for your child. Then you need to learn the right running technique. Here are some useful tips. If […] More

  • How to Choose the Right Jogging Stroller?

    Let’s be honest, babies (and children in general) play havoc with training schedules, and unless you’ve managed to find a 25th hour in the day, the majority of new parents struggle to find time for one run – let alone your cross-training session two or three times a week. But considering you’re going to spend countless hours pushing […] More