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    Antioxidants Block Effects of Exercise

    Research shows that antioxidants block some of the beneficial metabolic effects of exercise. Let’s take a look at why is it so. The human body is in a constant balancing act. There are external stressors, to which the body has to regularly adapt. Exercise is one such stressor. This is a breaking-down and building-up process. […] More

  • Balance Your Runs With These Five Yoga Postures

    Balance Your Runs With These Five Yoga Postures

    No matter if you’re a bit of a sceptic or enthusiastic about yoga and its benefits for us runners, it’s well worth giving these five yoga postures a try. When regularly practised, you’ll soon notice how they can improve your general balance as well as increase your strength and stability. Due to their challenging nature these […] More

  • 5 Rules to Maximize Your Running Potential

    5 Rules to Maximize Your Running Potential

    Here are 5 rules that every individual who wants to maximize their running potential should observe. 1 Be consistent. Consistency is of utmost importance. If you want to get anywhere near your potential, consistency is crucial. Aerobic progress takes years of regular training, so keep your mileage up throughout the year. 2 Put in the miles. […] More

  • Why We Love Yoga (And Runners Should, Too)!

    Why We Love Yoga (And Runners Should, Too)!

    We know that taking up yoga is a good way to become more flexible. The benefits of yoga for runners are wide-ranging and often overlooked. Yoga increases your flexibility, improves your strength, stability, balance and breathing – and this all will benefit your running performance. In addition, it helps to calm your mind and develop […] More

  • The Many Benefits of Walking

    The Many Benefits of Walking

    Walking is without doubt one of the simplest form of exercise to fit into a busy lifestyle—it can be used as a way of getting you from A to B, and as a way of maintaining or improving cardio fitness levels.  Walking has many benefits, among other things, it: boosts your cardiovascular system by working your heart […] More

  • The Basics of Healthy Eating

    The Basics of Healthy Eating

    The food you eat is the fuel that drives you. It’s therefore important to provide your hard-working body with a healthy diet to keep it in optimal working order and top physical fitness. Forget about all the fad diets and “miracle” weight-loss plans known, and instead simply put your effort and time into ensuring a […] More

  • Plan Your Meals in Advance

    Plan Your Meals in Advance

    To be able to ensure a varied, balanced diet and to minimize the possibility of last-minute unhealthy meals, it’s a good idea to plan your meals in advance. On a regular day each week or two to set your menu, then make your shopping list based on this. Your weekly menus should include the following foods: […] More

  • Body Changes Throughout Life

    Body Changes Throughout Life

    Getting older—it happens to everyone of us. And with it comes a number of physical changes. Knowing what to expect of your body as you age—what’s likely to happen and why—means that you have a good chance to take action to help lessen or delay the changes, keeping you both feeling and looking younger and fitter for […] More

  • How to Strengthen Weak Ankles?

    How to Strengthen Weak Ankles?

    Some people don’t have any problems when running on road or cycling, but as soon as they run off-road, their ankles begin to get sore, probably because of the sideways movement. What exercises can you do to strengthen weak ankles? This is a problem runners often encounter. The smaller stabilising muscles around the sole of your […] More

  • Importance of Good Posture

    Importance of Good Posture

    Good posture is a crucial part of safe and effective exercise. It’s also a fundamental aspect of everyday life because it promotes balance and healthy alignment throughout your body. Good posture gives you an increased sense of openness and freedom, making you feel and look taller, younger, and more confident. The importance of natural spine alignment Maintaining […] More

  • Lifestyle, Psychological and Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

    Lifestyle, Psychological and Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

    Regular exercise is the key to a balanced, dynamic and happy life. It makes you feel good, boosts your body function, restores your physical and mental balance, and keeps your brain sharp and fresh. Take a look at this great range of lifestyle, psychological and health benefits that will make you want to train regularly if you don’t already. […] More

  • Why Should I Exercise Regularly?

    Why Should You Exercise Regularly?

    Why should you exercise regularly? There are so many health benefits for the body and mind that you really should exercise regularly; and it’s helpful to remind yourself from time to time about them. When you really consider the wide range of benefits, it gets hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Exercise makes you […] More