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  • fitness supplements

    Fitness Supplements: When, How and What?

    Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t take a vitamin or supplement as part of their diet, especially in the fitness community. Is more always better? Does higher price mean better quality? And how often should you change them up? If your head starts spinning each time you enter the vitamin aisle, read on. […] More

  • Be Smart With Vitamin Supplements

    Be Smart With Vitamin Supplements

    Taking vitamin supplements regularly may have become the norm as an attempt to cut dietary corners. But do you ever ask yourself if these pills are what our bodies really need? Do you consume a vitamin supplement every day? Do you know what it contains? Does it make you feel any different? If your answer […] More

  • Tips to Have Glowing Skin

    Tips to Have Glowing Skin

    Here are some top health tips for glowing skin. 1 Eat foods you can grow, hunt or gather Avoid processed or refined food. Include healthy fats like avocado, olive oil and coconut oil, because they work miraculously for your complexion. 2 Manage stress Controlling stress in the key. Try yoga, breathing exercises or meditation to help you […] More

  • Loving Youself Helps You Stay in Shape

    Self-Love Helps You Stay in Shape

    Do you know what’s the secret to staying in shape? Exercise your self-love muscle and you’ll transform your body, mind and soul. Have you ever gazed longingly at your fitspiration or Instagram page and wondered how to achieve your dream body? Well, believe it or not, the key lies in the strength of your mind […] More

  • Weight Loss: Eat Smarter or Train Harder?

    Weight Loss: Eat Smarter or Train Harder?

    When you have weight loss plans, what is more important: eating smarter or training harder? Some say that you can’t ‘out-exercise’ a bad diet, while there is a lot of people, including celebrities, who claim they never watch what they eat, they just exercise hard. So, who’s right now? Experts say the best results come […] More

  • Do You Have To Remove All Unhealthy Foods from Your Diet?

    Do You Have To Remove All Unhealthy Foods from Your Diet?

    You want to take your training and races seriously, but do you have to remove all unhealthy foods from your diet? Investing some time into your race food can bring impressive results. Athletes usually have commitment to their training but they don’t always put the same amount of effort into preparing food. Athletes have permission to eat real foods with fat […] More