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  • Work Your Butt And Legs: 29 Squat Variations

    Work Your Butt And Legs: 29 Squat Variations

    The squat is one of the most classic exercises to work your butt and legs, and for good reason. When performing squats, you’re working the greatest number of joints and muscle groups while also enhancing core stabilization. This means that in one single move, you’re simultaneously strengthening the glutes, quads, and calves, as well as the […] More

  • bulgarian-split-squat-01

    Split Squats vs Back Squats

    One has to admit that the classic back squats are tough to beat as an overall muscle and strength builder. It targets the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back but also requires work from the core, upper back, and shoulders to stabilize the bar. Because back squat is designed to let you lift heavy loads, it encourages bone growth and the release of […] More

  • Bulgarian split squats can be a useful alternative to barbell squatting

    Alternative to Back Squat

    In lifting circles, the barbell back squat has always been considered the king of workouts. But what if—either because of injury or an inability to get the form right—you can’t squat? It has been discovered that training one leg at a time can be just as effective and provide an alternate path to stronger, more athletic legs. Last year, a study […] More