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  • What’s Better… Moisturizer or Suncream?

    To moisturize your skin, it’s better to use suncream than moisturizer because UV light is what causes the most damage. For this reason suncream is better than any anti-ageing moisturizer. So when heading outdoors, use SPF30, even on a cloudy autumn day. And don’t forget your neck and chest! More

  • Collagen For Glowing Skin

    Seventy-five percents of each skin cell is made up of collagen, which declines with age, resulting in wrinkles. Consider drinking fruit juices containing plenty of antioxidants with added collagen for firmer-looking, plumper skin. More

  • Real Beauty Comes From Inside

    Real Beauty Comes From Inside

    Are you still chasing that enviable and elusive glow? The key to look your best lies in a holistic approach. Follow these tips and you’ll soon shine like a star. And always keep in mind, real beauty comes from inside. 1 Hydration is crucial Our bodies contain almost 60% water but daily topping up is […] More

  • Get in Shape with Dance Workouts

    Do you like Zumba? Are you looking for a new challenge? Here are four new generation dance workouts, which will help you to get in shape fast, and more importantly, in a fun way. Bokwa Bokwa is a combination of South African beats and body movements – the name comes from “bo” for boxing and “kwa” for […] More

  • frizz hair

    How to Make Frizzy Hair Smooth?

    Wavy hair tends to be more porous, which makes them more prone to frizzing because the cuticle of hair with a natural wave or curl will begin to twist as soon as it gets in contact with moisture. Damaged hair may appear dry at the ends, which leads to frizzy hair, while ageing hair can be frizz-prone for different reasons, […] More

  • Does a Regular Trim Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

    In contrast to the popular myth, your hair isn’t like a lawn where you can encourage growth with regular cutting. Nevertheless, because hair isn’t naturally all the same length, and the ends have less volume than the roots, keeping it cut can make it appear stronger and thicker—besides, making sure your ends are always in good condition will […] More