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    Concentrated Beet Juice Improves Blood Flow

    Beet juice supplement is gradually cementing its place as one of the best performance boosters. Research proved beetroot juice increases stamina by delaying an athlete’s time to exhaustion and reducing the oxygen cost of a training session. In addition, research in the journal Physiology shows beetroot concentrate improves blood flow to fast-twitch muscles, which are used for explosive running. How does it […] More

  • Beetroot For Improved Performance

    Beetroot For Improved Performance

    In the back of the produce section, hidden behind sections of wonderful bright, shiny vegetables, in a range of eye-popping Crayola crayon colors, there’s an unassuming, misshapen dusty-looking vegetable that could immensely improve your training and support heart and artery health at the same time. Consider beetroot as nature’s ideal sports and heart-friendly food wrapped […] More

  • Science Behind Portion Size

    Certain foods can definitely help you perform better. But do you know how much of them should you eat to benefit? Here’s how to spend your calories wisely with this guide to proven portion size. SALMON Proven portion: 1 large fillet/150g Why eat it: To fight inflammation Kcal: 236 Carbs: 0g Protein: 25g Fat: 15g Omega-3 fats […] More