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  • Partially Supported Dumbbell Bench

    Partially Supported Dumbbell Bench

    One of your favourite workouts can help give you a six-pack while pumping up your pecs. Try partially supported dumbbell bench. Did you know that suspending your body above the floor makes it act as its own bench to support the lift, which significantly increases the core involvement. For an even greater challenge, try pressing one arm […] More

  • Abs Workout Routine with Dumbbells

    Abs Workout Routine with Dumbbells

    This abs workout is broken into “clusters” of three sets of three exercises, each starting with hardcore abs. This replicates the short energetic burst of martial arts combat and makes sure the core gets the most workout of all. Here’s a full workout routine you can do in any gym. WORK YOUR ABS Get in a sit up position parallel to […] More