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  • How to Buy the Right Bike on the Internet?

    How to Buy the Right Bike on the Internet?

    Not entering your local bike shop and getting your bike delivered directly to your door can save you significant cash. But how to buy the right bike on the Internet? Well, if you decided to buy a bike on the Internet, look for the following things: Fit: The major risk with buying sight unseen is getting a […] More

  • Road Bike Tyres Getting Wider

    Wider Tyres for Road Bikes

    Discover the optimum pressures for your tyres and improve your performance 1 For best performance, a tyre must run at optimum pressure levels, which depends on the road surface, conditions and rider weight. Reducing pressure means that less power is required to produce the same speed on rough roads because the tyre can deform and absorb road shock more efficiently. 2 A wider tyre […] More