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  • Fucoxanthin Regulates Blood Sugar

    Fucoxanthin Regulates Blood Sugar

    Science behind Fucoxanthin Fucoxanthin has been prove to regulate blood sugar. It is is a chemical present in brown algae, which has become a popular supplement. Some of its great benefits include improved metabolism, increased fat release, better thermogenesis, weight loss, improved antioxidant activity and cancer cell suppression. Blood Sugar A literature review on the metabolic effects of fucoxanthin […] More

  • Brown Fat Helps Regulate Metabolism

    Brown Fat Helps Regulate Metabolism

    Scientists have known about brown fat for many years, yet it was only recently that they discovered its importance in human body. In contrast to white fat, brown fat dissipates energy as heat and doesn’t store it as fat. Activating brown fat decreases whole-body fat, boosts calorie burning, and lowers blood fat levels and blood sugar. Recent research also shows that brown fat secretes […] More