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  • How to Choose the Right Supplements?

    How to Choose the Right Supplements?

    What vitamins do I really need? What are the right supplements for my body? These are the golden questions everyone should consider carefully when deciding for supplementation. Even though we are flooded with advice on what our bodies need and what we should be taking, the final results are often contradictory and too general to apply to every […] More

  • Does a Regular Trim Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

    In contrast to the popular myth, your hair isn’t like a lawn where you can encourage growth with regular cutting. Nevertheless, because hair isn’t naturally all the same length, and the ends have less volume than the roots, keeping it cut can make it appear stronger and thicker—besides, making sure your ends are always in good condition will […] More

  • Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

    Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

    We lose water all the time—mainly through sweat and urine. To stay hydrated and healthy, it’s therefore necessary to keep replacing the water that we lose. Water makes up about two-thirds of the total body weight and we need it to help our body to carry out all its most fundamental functions. In moderate climates, aim to drink […] More

  • Warm-Up Exercises for Running on Cold Days

    Warm-Up Exercises for Running in Cold Weather

    Especially in winter but also on cold days in the fall and spring when the temperature drops, it seems to take much longer to get into runs. How should you properly warm up for running in cold weather conditions? Exercising in the winter is considerably different than a summer workout. Colder temperatures require runners to prepare […] More

  • Pace Yourself With a Talk Test

    Pace Yourself With a Talk Test

    You don’t have to have a sports watch to pace yourself, just perform the talk test. The pressure to obtain monitoring gadgets and training plans won’t do any more to counter mistakes made in pacing yourself than a simple running routine referred to as a talk test. Based on research in the American College of […] More

  • woman running

    How Our Bodies Work 2: Spine, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

    Our bodies have many amazing systems. The ones most directly affected by regular exercise are the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and endocrine systems. Last time we took a look at the skeletal and muscular systems, and now we’ll learn more about the spine, and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.   The spine Your backbone […] More

  • Evaluate Your Current Fitness Level

    Choose Proper Exercise for Your Fitness Level

    It’s essential that any exercise you do matches your ever-changing fitness and lifestyle needs. Otherwise it won’t be a safe, effective, and pleasant way of producing the results you want—whether that’s increased cardio capacity, a slimmer waist, or more toned arms and abs. So in order to choose the most appropriate exercise for your unique […] More