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  • Are You Spending or Saving Calories?

    Are You Spending or Saving Calories?

    On an individual level, when it comes to calorie intake, fat mass and energy expenditure some people appear to be “spenders” and some “savers.” Are you a spender or a saver? Responsible mother and father teach their offspring to save at least part of what they earn to build a nest egg, or purchase something […] More

  • How To Avoid Common Weight-Loss Pitfalls

    How To Avoid Common Weight Loss Pitfalls

    If you are trying to lose weight through running, it’s easy to slip up. Here’s how you can avoid common weight loss pitfalls. Dropping a few pounds should be easy when you’re running. In fact, running is one of the most efficient ways to stimulate your metabolism and shed excess energy. However, it’s not always as easy as you […] More

  • Healthy Body-Fat Percentage

    A healthy body will reduce your risk of disease and lengthen your life. Here’s a guideline of what a target body-fat percentage should be. The percentages differ between professional athletes and fit and healthy persons. Elite athletes: 14–20% Fit and healthy: 21–24% Average: 25–31% Do you have to measure your body fat? Well, only if you […] More

  • Should Bright Light Be Part of Your Training Kit?

    Should a Bright Light Be Part of Your Training Kit?

    Investing in a LUMIE light that fights Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD) could be a worthwhile addition to your training kit. A US study reveals inconsistent sleep patterns are associated with a greater amount of body fat. About 24% of people are affected by SAD, which has been linked to overeating – and craving for carbs […] More