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  • Top 3 Posing Tips

    Posing tips to elevate your self confidence

    Posing tips which will elevate your self confidence and introduce a great full-body exercise Posing tips include regular practice in front of a mirror, follow our posing tips below and gradually bring it to perfection. Exercises IN FRONT AND SIDE POSES, put one hand on your hip and tense your shoulders up. Exhale all the air out of […] More

  • Split or Full-Body Training for Lean Muscle?

    Do you know what is better for building lean muscle: split routines or full-body training? In the beginning, in the early days of bodybuilding, athletes routinely trained using full-body routines. The idea was that regular stimulation of muscles throughout the week was the best strategy to increase lean muscle without overtraining. However, by the 1960s, training philosophies started to […] More

  • fitness food

    Bodybuilding Supplements & Nutrition

    Did you know that consuming vitamins to ease post-training soreness might be stifling your gains? Strength training has to be accompanied with proper nutrition to effectively reach physique goals, therefore strength and endurance athletes are always searching for nutrition strategies to improve performance and body composition. For this reason, most athletes take bodybuilding supplements in hopes of enhancing the effects of […] More

  • Short & Intense Abs and Core Circuit Workout

    Short & Intense Abs and Core Circuit Workout

    The first rule of fitness is: some is better than none. In our hectic everyday life, there are days when you just don’t have the time to complete a 90-minute gym session. But this doesn’t mean that 25 minutes is a waste of time. When done correctly, you can work your abs and major muscle […] More

  • Proper Fuel for Skinny People Building Muscle

    Proper Fuel for Skinny People Building Muscle

    What should you be eating if you have always been skinny and you are trying to put on some weight by building muscle? If you’re skinny with both low muscle mass and low body fat, you should start by ensuring you’re taking in enough calories to allow for an increase in overall mass—otherwise you’ll just become a more toned but […] More

  • Workout Routine: Build Muscle and Protect Joints 4

    Workout Routine: Build Muscle and Protect Joints 4

    DAY III 1.1 DEADLIFT Sets: 9 Reps: 3, as many as possible Rest: 120–180 sec Stand with feet at hip width and bend your hips back to grasp the bar so your hands are just outside your knees. Keeping your lower back flat, pull the bar up until you’re standing. Do eight sets of three […] More