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  • Stronger Bones: Exercises And Nutrition Tips

    Stronger Bones: Exercises And Nutrition Tips

    Nutrition strategies and exercise are often connected to building a leaner, more athletic-looking body. But there are also numerous health benefits of practicing regular exercise and nutritional habits such as bone health. In this article, we’ll look at what the research tells us on nutrition, supplementation and exercise for building and maintaining healthy and strong bones. […] More

  • a couple running

    Best Running Tips For Beginners and Pros

    Ask a personal trainer, nutritionist, or sports-medicine physician for some running advice and wisdom, and if they are pros, they’ll first ask you: What kind of a runner are you? The advice will vary a lot, depending on how old, how experienced and how serious you are. Training, nutrition, and even psychological needs change as […] More

  • How Cycling Beats the Signs of Ageing

    How Cycling Beats the Signs of Ageing

    Ageing is something that happens to everybody — we cant stop it or battle, but getting older doesn’t mean that we have to stop riding. In fact, cycling may help deal with the tell-tale signs of ageing. It seems that delaying the signs of ageing is the goal of every face cream and wonder food; […] More